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I have never done a cleanse. I do not possess the patience or the discipline for it but I do workout. Physique 57 has been a favorite workout of mine and I also recently started classes at New York Pilates. I make a serious effort to walk to as many places as I can. It's the best way to enjoy the city in good weather and you rack up a surprising amount of miles. 

I get most of my makeup and beauty products at Rouge. That not just a plug; it many ways that is reason Rouge exists. Rebecca (Perkins) and I wanted high-impact, low-maintenance beauty and care. I use Cetaphil on my face and Dr. Dennis Gross Exfoliating Pads everyday. Amazing Concealer, Julie Hewitt Cheekie in Peachie, L'Oreal black liner, and a custom Giella lip stain in a berry hue are my go-to's for fall. At Rouge's uptown location (220 East 60th St, NYC) we have the Bespoke Beauty Bar and it has been fun to try out all manner of new custom lipstick colors- as well as create a match for a discontinued favorite.