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Featured 3.13-3.19.17 | The hottie you're looking at once published peer-reviewed science papers on sewage sludge, worked to reclaim mines and spends her free time restoring forestlands. And she raises exotic insects and lives amongst more than 500 plants in her Brooklyn apartment. Oh, also, she has never had — wait for it — coffee. Or alcohol. Never. What she has had, though, is one of the most interesting and inspirational lives of anyone I have ever met. Summer Rayne Oakes graduated cum laude from Cornell with degrees in Environmental Science and Entomology, and then took her love of ecosystems and  her strong belief in sustainability and became the world's first fashion "eco-model." Over the past 10 or so years she has launched companies, written books and even served as the muse for Toyota’s Prius C (yes, there's a car color named after her). She is, undoubtedly, the world's most beautiful environmentalist, both inside and out, and we're proud to share her selects with you. Welcome to Summer Rayne's week.