I believe in acting both locally — to see the community you want to live in — and globally — to see the world you want to be a part of. As a young girl in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I worked on projects to restore the damage from mining. I think that eventually gave me a vision and interest to work on large-scale ecosystem projects, which is what we need to be involved with if we’re to safeguard a number of ecosystem services that we tend to take for granted, like predictable rains, fresh air, an agreeable climate and basic resources. Some initiatives that I’m most engaged with:

●  Nature Culture International and Gaia Amazonas have teamed up to safeguard the connectivity of the Amazon Rainforest in conjunction with the indigenous peoples. This would be the largest ecological and cultural corridor or mosaic in the world, and done in conjunction with the eight countries that are a part of it. Donation for the initiative can be done through here .

●  Mezimbite Forest Centre is a sustainable development organization based in Mozambique, which has become one of the largest artisan training and native reforestation programs in the country. They do a world-class apprenticeship with their artisans, making really high-end products out of forest resources, including homeware, jewelry and personal care products. Donations can be made here