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My home is my sanctuary. I’ve lived in my space for 12 years now, and began cultivating plants indoors for seven of those years. As you can see, the plants have made it all their own, catapulting, climbing and vining their leafy arms everywhere. I have close to 600 plants now, with over 200 individual species, so it’s like my very own arboretum indoors—an oasis from the hectic city. My favorite accents are, of course, the plants, but also the hammock from Brazil, the various planter pots that I’ve picked up from artisans, and the handwoven Moroccan carpets and pillows.

Check out the Anou Artisans. You can buy handwoven carpets direct from the artisans themselves. They also have such an inspirational Instagram page.

I have so many exquisite handmade, hand-turned homewares from the cooperative in Mozambique, as part of the a.d. schwarz label featuring nobel hardwoods and a natural beeswax finish. The items made out of African blackwood are exceptional.