I cook myself between 2-3 meals per day, so when I go out, it’s a real treat. I had a raging sweet tooth into my late twenties, so I decided to figure out how to reduce sugar in my diet, which led me to do a 30-day sugar cleanse. I’ve now since released a site called sugardetox.me to help guide people on 10-Day and 30-Day cleanses, and also offer Office Detoxes to help build cleaner eating habits and camaraderie in office settings. I’ve also just finished a cookbook, SUGARDETOXME. I find so much enjoyment helping people get back into control of their life through diet!

When I do go out, I often frequent Aurora Williamsburg (70 Grand Street, Brooklyn), which has been in the neighborhood for almost as long as I have. I joke that it’s my backyard equipped with my own private chef. They have a gorgeous ivied garden, make all their own pasta, and get their bread fresh from one of the greatest breadmakers out of the Queens. I biked up there one day just to see where the sourdough was made and take home a few loaves.

I went to Indonesia a couple years back and fell in love with the myriad cultures and food. Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn) is one of the few Indonesian restaurants that I’ve found in the area. Highly recommend upping the spice on some of their dishes, if you can manage.

I began to make Ethiopian food in my home, though admittedly the injera was a bit of a disaster. When I’m not up for cooking at home, I like to treat myself to Zoma off Frederick Douglass Boulevard (2084 Frederick Douglass Blvd, corner of 113th Street, NYC). I’m in love with their kategna—their injera is imbued with spicy kibe and paired with a cooling ricotta-like cheese; I often get an order to go.