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I am a big meditator, and have actually opened up my home for free group meditations by way of Medi Club. Also, I love the MNDFL studios, which are around Washington Square Park, Williamsburg and the Upper East Side.

I keep my beauty routine simple, but started to use AOBiome, which restores our natural biome that we’ve destroyed through using too many sanitizers and harmful beauty products.

I love using natural product that are non-fussy and multifunctional. I use organic coconut oil for kavala (oil pulling), a moisturizer, and of course for cooking!

Oh, I do love Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist. I spray it on my face nearly every morning, especially during the drier seasons. It’s so soothing.

Our nutrition is so inextricably linked to our “beauty” regime. I make sure that I practice what I preach through my sugardetoxme programs