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meet | tammy fender

Featured 10.9-10.15.17 | I am admittedly not quite as holistic as I'd like to be. I often don't eat organic, I have yet to try a turmeric latte and many of the products I've used on my skin have ingredients I can't pronounce. Except after meeting Tammy Fender, I'm not feeling so good about my choices. With more than 25 years of experience in botany, aromatherapy, medical science and chem, she's no ordinary aesthetician. In fact she's been literally cooking her own skin care in the kitchen forever (long before "natural" was a word anyone wanted associated with their moisturizer), and she's turned her passion for refined, holistic beauty into quite a business. She's got an incredible atelier in Palm Beach and a skincare line that she makes in small batches, with — you guessed it — only stuff that can be found in nature.  And did I mention she literally glows from within? So I suppose this means I'll be going holistic now. Who wants to join me? Welcome to Tammy's week.