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My morning routine is full of simple self-care rituals that I love. I devote my first hour of the day to meditation and prayer, which creates a foundation for everything else that I do. I like to work with different aromatherapeutic essences in the morning, as well as precious crystals, from Rose Quartz to Selenite, in order to support the day — sometimes choosing to wear a blend of oils, or to encourage certain energies with the stone jewelry I choose.

I tend to vary my morning workout all the time, really intuitively trying to give my body what it needs most and mixing it up every week. Right now I do Medical Qi Gong once a week with John Galamaga, master medical qi gong teacher, in my home. It allows me to stretch deeply and focus on de-stressing all the internal organs. My longtime love is for yoga, which I do with Carol Diamond of Delray Yoga Shala either at the studio or in my home. I also do pilates at Avenue Pilates in Delray Beach. I love the Kundalini workshops I’ve attended through Golden Bridge Yoga, and I am enchanted by every kind of dancing, from ballroom dance to 5 Rhythms to sacred dancing. If I’m chakra dancing, I visit JaiStar Studios and I take Ballroom dancing at The Delray Ballroom.

I vary my skincare routine depending on the season and what’s coming up for me, but almost always my Quintessential Serum, my precious and richly nutritive elixir, is included in that flow. It’s made with exquisitely rejuvenating essence of rose and with healing frankincense, leaving the skin luminous, and elevating the spirit. I don’t wear much makeup, but I’ve found that when I do I would go for Kjaer Weis Passionate Lip Tint and mascara, to look fresh and polished. I appreciate that it is so luxurious and natural. This fall, I’ve also been really relying on The Purist, my all-botanical hand sanitizer, to keep my immunity strong. I also use sunscreen of course and I love the Badger Balm Unscented SPF 30 for daily use. I love to take the time to enjoy a healing bath and I try to dry brush daily. For this I recommend both the beautiful Mizuho Dry Brushes and Osmia Organics Recovery Salt Bath. Heavenly.