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Featured 6.4-6.10.18| We talk a lot around here about using social media for good, which is why we’re kind of obsessed with Tara Sowlaty. The co-founder of the lifestyle website, How You Glow, has managed to make the seemingly impossible, possible: She’s both a healer (by trade) and an influencer (by day), which is not a combo widely found these days. Nope, in our Insta-world, where ”glowing up” is defined as the complete transformation of a person's appearance for the better, Tara is thankfully changing the narrative by making her manifesto less about eyelash extensions and cup size, and more about building a positive vibrational energy that makes you glow from the inside. Do you feel me? And while it might sound so very LA, her whole foods recipes and guidance in all things wellness are helping us all redefine the glow, because it’s not about a transformation — it’s about a feeling. And I don't know about you, but we’re over here just trying to feel awesome, like all the time. Welcome to Tara’s week.