I’m obsessed with Japanese everything, especially food. I was recently gifted my new favorite kitchen tool, a Japanese Claypot Donabe, and made a pretty epic traditional Japanese feast. I foresee that tool becoming a big part of my cooking routine. A mandolin is another favorite kitchen gadget for sure. There is something so satisfying, in terms of taste and presentation, about perfectly uniform and thin slices of veggies and whatnot.

I don’t really work off of recipes; having gone to cooking school and worked as a private chef, I’ve learned mostly to cook intuitively. And, if I do get inspired by a recipe I almost always add my own spin on it. Just a little secret: Recipes that people write are almost always a bit of a watered-down version of the intended dish!

Snacks are a big part of my routine, such as apples with cinnamon, hazelnuts with flaky sea salt, and cornichons + castelvetrano olives. My favorite cocktail is definitely a spicy mezcal margarita with no sugar. 

Erewhon is my happy place — it’s an incredible health food market in Los Angeles. I’m there at least 5 times a week! Other than that, my favorite spots to eat are Gjusta (320 Sunset Ave, +1 310 314 0320), Sqirl (720 N Virgil Ave, +1 323 284 8147), La Esquela Taqeria (7165 Beverly Blvd., +1 323 932 6178), Madeo’s (362 N Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, +1 310 859 4903, and AOC (8700 W 3rd St, +1 310 859-9859).