Norra Agnegatan 43, 112 29
+46 8 410 470 19

I would say that this was hands down our favorite meal in Stockholm. It’s a relatively new (June 2017), neighborhood spot that marries the best of Spanish-style Tapas with traditional Swedish dishes and don’t be concerned by the slightly unfocused menu — every dish we had (and I am ashamed to tell you we had them all) was spot on. Snag the Chef’s table if you can, where you can sit by the open kitchen and have a nice chat with the Chef while he cooks for you.

Roslagsgatan 6, 113 55
+46 8 509 022 24
Sometimes you need a break from Swedish food, and pizza, being the universal perfect food, is always a good choice. And the good news is that Babette's happens to be amazing.

Café Nizza
Åsögatan 171, 116 32
+46 8 640 99 50

Brought to you by former managers of Frantzén, Café Nizza is open 7 days a week  from 12-12 and is always busy. The three course lunch menu and four course dinner menu change daily, and both can be enjoyed in the huge outdoor area during the summer months.

Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46
+46 8 611 12 10

Chef Nikolas Ekstedt grew up cooking on a grill, but one day became impatient and couldn’t wait for the coals to get hot, so he pushed his pan directly into the flames, and that’s how magic gets made. Today, he cooks at Ekstedt his eponomous restaurant, in a fire pit, a wood fired oven and a wood stove. And that’s it. And it’s amazing. The Setting is New Nordic, as is the food, and if you can snag a seat facing the kitchen, you’re golden.

26, Klara Norra kyrkogata, 111 22
+46 8 20 85 80
This is Stockholm's (maybe even Sweden's) most celebrated restaurant, with two Michelin stars and celeb Chef Björn Frantzén in the kitchen. Book in advance, though , because the restaurant only seats 23, and some extra cash to cover the $375 tasting menu. It's well worth any trouble, though, because the space and the food are spectacular.

The Grand Hotel
Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6, 111 48
+46 8 679 35 84

Michelin-Starred Chef Mathias Dahlgren makes damn good food at all three of his restarants, but Matbaren is my fave. It’s laid back, locally focused and gorgeous. And the location inside The Grand Hotel can’t be beat.

Nytorget 6
Nytorget 6, 116 40
+46 8 640 96 55

Set on a quiet street in trendy Södermalm, Nytorget 6 is a cozy bistro known for its Swedish meatballs, which should be the first thing you eat when you land, because: Ikea. Seriously, though, it’s cute and feels super authentic and not at all tourist-y. We had our first meal here, and didn’t disappoint.

Oaxen Krug
Beckholmsbron 26, 115 21
+46 8 551 531 05
Oaxen opened 21 years ago by husband and wife team Magnus Ek and Agent Green. They've come a long way since the early days and today

Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45
+46 8 509 005 00

Located inside the city’s Museum of Photography (which is incredible, btw), this ain’t your average museum café. A well-known (and loved) restaurant in its own right, this is serious farm to table dining, with a focus on vegetables. Open for brunch (on the weekends) and dinner. 

Stureplan 2, 114 35
+46 8 440 57 30

Fish is the focus at this bistro located on the South side of Stureplan. Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, it’s always busy and with good reason. Its vibe is Grand Central Oyster bar (minus the tourists) meets any of Paris’ best bistros and it’s the perfect spot for a bottle of wine, a plate of oysters or sautéed sole and some really good people watching.

Tulegatan 24, 113 53
+46 8 612 65 50

Everything here is made from scratch: They dry age their beef, smoke their own bacon, and base their stocks with bones from the same farms they get their meat (which is all locally sourced and butchered, btw). The menu changes daily but get a steak because it’s just that good.