When it comes to philanthropy, the landscape can feel overwhelming: How do you choose where to spend your money or your time? In an effort to help, we’re going to be rounding up some of our favorite organizations from time to time. First up, those initiatives that are focused on supporting women.

An educated girl can change the world. That’s a fact. The Girl Project, an initiative from Glamour magazine, believes that when a girl has access to an education, she can empower herself, her family and her community. The project supports programs in more than 100 countries, providing access to quality education, life skills training and safe spaces that are free from conflict and the threat of gender-based assault.

Ever heard of the Vagina Monologs? Well then you’ve also heard of V-DAY, a global activist movement that works tirelessly to end violence of all kinds — from rape, battery and incest to female genital mutilation (FGM) and sex slavery.

Because — news flash — sometimes abortion is the right thing and any way, women’s bodies should never EVER be left in the hands of anyone else. In the scary world we live in today, take care of your fellow sisters and aggressively support PP.

Because when you look good you feel good and a good looking woman is damn right unstoppable! Dress for Success outfits women in professional attire for job interviews so they can go take on the world. Have you joined the badass band wagon and work from home now? Donate your gently used corporate clothing so you can say goodbye and these women can say hello.

Employment means an income, economic autonomy and an escape from the cycle of poverty and research shows that women spend their income on their families meaning their children will go to school, thereby increasing their chances of a better future. For Women on Wings the goal is to create one million jobs for women in rural India, thereby all but erasing poverty from the country.

How good does it feel to just run sometimes? Running clears the mind, and once you’ve run and sweat and re-centered you can tackle whatever it is that ails you with a clear head. Girls on The Run aims to do just that by inspiring and motivating young girls to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle while building confidence through accomplishment (each season’s conclusion is a 5K). Are you a runner? (Brooke Danielson, we’re looking at you). Consider becoming a Girls on the Run coach and running your neighborhoods branch of the charity. Sometimes it’s not just a monetary donation but a real life dedication that makes all the difference, for you and the girls involved.

Because boobs aren’t always fun and games, @pam.stagram knows. BCRF is funding research that is saving lives with their mission to ultimately find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Yeah the Bridgehampton Commons is great for King Kullen and the occasional Max-inista run, but have you ever been to The Retreat? Welcome to our big little secret. The Retreat is a second hand store filled with serious scores all of which benefit women living on the Eastern End of Long Island who are victims of domestic abuse. Their mission is to provide safety, shelter and support ultimately breaking the cycle of family violence. If our purchase of authentic Eero Saarinen tulip chairs benefits our dining room AND women in need, you know we are with it. Go and show us what you get.

And if you just want to donate funds, Women’s Funding Network is the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls. In 2017, our members and partners invested over $400 million to advance women and their families. *mic drop*