W+B | Clean Shave

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever consider shaving my face, I’m pretty sure I would have said no fucking way. Shave? My face? Yes, I have peach fuzz on my cheeks, and yes, I am on the constant prowl for new and improved skin, but shave? My face? No thanks. I don’t need stubble so much. Cut to two weeks ago when I shaved my face.


Well, to be fair, I didn’t do it myself. Angela at Total Skin did it for me. She took a razor to my face and she shaved it. Except she called it Dermaplaning. And let me tell you something: I think it has changed my life.

Dermaplaning sounds scary, but really it’s a pretty simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the top layer of skin, which also has the added benefit of getting rid of the peach fuzz that we all have. Here’s what happens, your esthetician (yes, you can do this at home, but I don’t feel so awesome about taking a razor to my face, so I’m going to suggest that you find a spa or doctor near you who is licensed in dermaplaning) takes a scalpel (basically), and quickly and lightly “shaves” off the top layer of your skin. It’s fast, painless and leaves your skin so soft and glowing, you won’t even believe it. And don’t worry, that old wives’ tale about your hair growing back heavier and darker is merely that: an old wives’ tale. This is just “vellus” hair that’s being removed, and it will come back exactly as it was. 

So ask me again if I would ever consider shaving my face, and you'll get a HELL YES. It's totally worth the weird stigma.

Oh, and if you absolutely feel like you MUST do it at home, here's what I found for instructions, and if you need to buy your own scalpel, a quick google search will help you with that. But again, I don't really think it's the smartest move:

  1. Clean skin thoroughly and apply toner. Make sure skin is completely dry.
  2. Hold skin taut with one hand, hold blade in other hand at a 45 degree angle against skin, shaving upwards. Repeat over desired areas.
  3. Rinse off and apply serum & moisturizer.