Let’s face the facts - dads are the toughest breed of human to buy gifts for. They have everything they need, and chances are everything they want is unaffordable. My dad officially became cooler than me when he asked me why I still had wires on my headphones. So vintage right? But hey, it’s not about needing anything. Father’s Day is just a chance to celebrate the most important men in our lives, and show a token of our appreciation for he who raised us. So, whether your dad brews his own kombucha or only seems to own one t-shirt - we’ve got you covered with our gift selects.  





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The Trendy Dad
He just discovered the benefits of bone broth and won’t shut up about it. Hopefully this goes better than his matcha and kombucha phase. Get your dad a Thrive Market membership so he can shop all his boujee products, from chaga mushrooms to collagen, for a fraction of the price.  

The Zen Dad
We all drive our dad’s crazy, so here’s an opportunity to calm them down. While he meditates, this headband measures his brain activity. If he’s calm, he’ll hear peaceful weather sounds, and as soon as his mind wanders, stormy weather will sound and guide him back to *insert happy place*. Namaste.   

The Simple Dad
Your dad still wears the same green shirt you threw up on as a baby. Yes, we know it’s softer than all his other shirts, but perhaps he could use another for laundry day? Simple dads are usually a sucker for a good deal - how’s $9 a month for this suave t-shirt subscription

The Old School Dad
If it was your dad’s turn to carpool, you could bet rock radio was the only station allowed. Now the two of you can reminisce over some quality whiskey and Bruce Springsteenon vinyl.  

The Stereotypical Dad Dad
Your dad’s favorite words: beers, golf & beers. This siteallows you to build a golfing trip package for him - talk about a hole in one.  

The Chef Dad
Your dad has every kitchen utensil in the book — tagine pots galore, mandolins for days and every cookbook on Amazon. He just might not have a donabe pot though ... and you’re not going to refuse an authentic Japanese dinner.  

The OCD Dad
Self-explanatory. This gadget makes me want to start cleaning more.