What’s that you say? You’re looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses? Fret not! We’ve pored over the best frames to bring you some seriously cool summer shade at every price point. From a pair of budget-friendly aviators to make-your-wallet-cry glittery pineapple-shaped frames (thanks, Gucci!), there’s something here for everyone. Take a look — and happy summer!
— By Dylan Essertier

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$25 and Under

Forever 21 Oversized Square Sunglasses
File these beauties under: the bigger, the better.

H&M Sunglasses
These H&M shades are a little retro and a whole lot of cool.

ASOS Oversized 70’s Butterfly Square Sunglasses
We’re so here for the 1970s oversized sunglasses comeback.

Under $50

Anthropologie Fiona Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Looking for a sweet and girly vibe? Try these.

Mango Retro Sunglasses
A cat-eye shape is universally stylish and flattering. Plus, these white frames will make your summer tan pop!

Elizabeth and James Hexagon Sunglasses
Keep your accessory game interesting with these hexagon frames.

Under $100

Le Specs Beautiful Stranger Sunglasses
Three words: green with envy.

Le Specs Claw Rounded Sunglasses
Does it get more timeless?

Seafolly Palm Cove Square Sunglasses
Fun fact: square frames flatter a large range of face shapes.  

Under $250

Illesteva Leonard Round-Frame Sunglasses
Classic tortoise paired with a round frame is always a hit, if you ask us.

Illesteva Aviator Sunglasses
The 2019-ified version of the Top Gun glasses.

Ganni Square Sunglasses
Cool and luxe, these Ganni shades are everything you could ever want in a pair of designer sunglasses. Don’t believe us? Verify it with a selfie.

Under $500

Marni Colour-Block Sunglasses
Thick glossy acetate frames give these Marni sunglasses weight and structure, while the pink, red and orange palette add a little dose of fun.

Acne Mustang Round-Frame Sunglasses
If you want something more exciting than basic black round frames, try these Acne sunglasses in this magnetic light-green hue.

Saint Laurent Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
We heart these heart-shaped shades.

Over $500

Linda Farrow Oversized Sunglasses
For iconic sunglasses that stand the test of time, go for these oversized oval frames by Linda Farrow.

Cartier Oversized Sunglasses
These Cartier babies are the perfect everyday sunglasses (and for the price, you better wear them every damn day).

Gucci GG0150S Sunglasses
Don’t think of these as just sunglasses...think of them as art for your face!



Let’s face the facts - dads are the toughest breed of human to buy gifts for. They have everything they need, and chances are everything they want is unaffordable. My dad officially became cooler than me when he asked me why I still had wires on my headphones. So vintage right? But hey, it’s not about needing anything. Father’s Day is just a chance to celebrate the most important men in our lives, and show a token of our appreciation for he who raised us. So, whether your dad brews his own kombucha or only seems to own one t-shirt - we’ve got you covered with our gift selects.  





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The Trendy Dad
He just discovered the benefits of bone broth and won’t shut up about it. Hopefully this goes better than his matcha and kombucha phase. Get your dad a Thrive Market membership so he can shop all his boujee products, from chaga mushrooms to collagen, for a fraction of the price.  

The Zen Dad
We all drive our dad’s crazy, so here’s an opportunity to calm them down. While he meditates, this headband measures his brain activity. If he’s calm, he’ll hear peaceful weather sounds, and as soon as his mind wanders, stormy weather will sound and guide him back to *insert happy place*. Namaste.   

The Simple Dad
Your dad still wears the same green shirt you threw up on as a baby. Yes, we know it’s softer than all his other shirts, but perhaps he could use another for laundry day? Simple dads are usually a sucker for a good deal - how’s $9 a month for this suave t-shirt subscription

The Old School Dad
If it was your dad’s turn to carpool, you could bet rock radio was the only station allowed. Now the two of you can reminisce over some quality whiskey and Bruce Springsteenon vinyl.  

The Stereotypical Dad Dad
Your dad’s favorite words: beers, golf & beers. This siteallows you to build a golfing trip package for him - talk about a hole in one.  

The Chef Dad
Your dad has every kitchen utensil in the book — tagine pots galore, mandolins for days and every cookbook on Amazon. He just might not have a donabe pot though ... and you’re not going to refuse an authentic Japanese dinner.  

The OCD Dad
Self-explanatory. This gadget makes me want to start cleaning more.    


God bless the fashion world for turning the wallflower of bags into the most coveted piece of 2018. What was once popular with European skiers, for the purely practical reason of holding a sandwich and skiers wax, is now found strapped across the waists of the fashion world’s most influential people; and with a subtle name change, the fanny pack is now known as The Belt Bag. Personally, you could sell me on this product with any name - I mean, come on, hands free on the dance floor? Swipe. Check out our seven fanny pack/belt bag/kangaroo pouch selects.  

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For the Vintage Lover
You already know we think velvet should be a year round staple, so we present to you the best way to rock it in the summer.  

For Those Who Just Need A Balenciaga Fanny Pack
Calling all hypebaes and Francophiles, this charm belt has two benefits: Bonafide swag, and if you jump up and down it will send out a sound signal to let everyone know you have arrived.   

For Those Who Want To Test The Trend Without Forgoing Rent (on a Balenciaga Fanny Pack)
This Botkier piece comes in five different colors, from bedazzled to minimal, leaving you all with no excuse but to test the trend.  

For the 80’s Fitness Queen
The 80’s are back baby. Throw on Footloose, strap on your Marc Jacobs fanny pack and get groovin’.

For the Ripped Jeans and White-T Addict
We’re always going to envy the Kate Mosses of the world – they don’t own a hairbrush, just a bunch of leather jackets, and now this Alice Mccall fanny pack! 

For the Carefree Hippie
Always straying from the norm like the bohemian rock star you are – now you can shake up this trend too with Boyy’s patchwork beauty. 

For the St. Tropez Enthusiast
Note that St. Tropez can be subbed for any area where sand is present — Miami, Coney Island, your local park’s sandbox … you really just need somewhere to rock your island swag.  

FASHION | Making Sense of the New Renaissance

FASHION | Making Sense of the New Renaissance

As fashion weeks have concluded, and fashion’s biggest night of the year came clad in stained glass dresses and headwear inspired by the heavens, it’s clear that this season is about rebirthing Catholicism as we know it. We’re taking it’s enchantment, and it’s power and combining it with strong women and artful design. It’s a modern day Renaissance if you will, but how do we make sense of it all? Here are seven ways to incorporate it into your life.

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About a year ago, Jennifer Fisher showed up at my house with a straw beach tote embroidered in red with the words "Fuck You and Your Hamptons House." Needless to say, I was obsessed. Cut to today and I'm thrilled to announce our very own exclusive collaboration with Poolside Bags, the brand that brings cheek to the beach and beyond.

Deciding which bag to choose and what we wanted it to say was next to impossible, so we didn't choose one. We chose three. And a hat. Because they are just that good. So please help us welcome the L'Enveloppe (SELECTIVE), Le Shortie (IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW), Le Cercle (WHERE MY BEACHES AT) and L'Ombre Hat (TASTEMAKER) to the family. Bet you can't pick just one.

Click here to order, and make sure to show us some Insta love with #theselectsummer.


It's Labor Day Eve and as depressed as I am about summer ending, I'm equally as excited about Fall coming. But mostly because it means chunky sweaters and ankle boots (I don't know about you, but I am sick of keeping my pedicure up). SO her are just a few things I'm eyeing at the moment. Let me know what you're adding to your wardrobes for colder weather!


Summer has FINALLY arrived and it's gonna be a scorcher, which means floaty dresses all day, every day. From beach bbq to garden party, these dresses will keep you looking perfect and feeling cool.