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As you may know, I have a crazy obsession with Topshop (particularly their Jamie Jeans, which I consider to be magic). But truthfully, the stores often overwhelm me: so many styles, so much inventory, so many people. Enter Topshop Personal Shopping Service, a complimentary (yes, it's FREE!) service available at select stores in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the UK (10 stores there to be specific). You can book for yourself or for a group, and can choose from 7 different types of shopping experiences, from the 30-minute Perfect Jeans option to the 60-minute Newer Than Now experience all the way to the 120-minute Wardrobe Overhaul. All come with one-on-one style advice and your own private dressing "suite" which means you won't have to wait on line for a dressing room while trying to balance your coat, phone and the piles of clothing you've picked out. This might take the place of the Jamie Jean as my favorite thing Topshop has ever done.