Sometimes the prefix micro can be a good thing. Micro-dermabrasion? Good. Micro-waveable popcorn? Very good. But recently, we keep hearing the word micro thrown around when it comes to bag trends, and honestly we just can’t get behind the pairing. Yes, they’re cute, but there’s nothing realistic about these teeny tiny purses. Looking inside my bag right now, I have everything from a pair of leather gloves to tampons to multiple sunglass options to Advil to teeth whitener to beauty masks to three types of headphones tangled up inside. (Mary Kondo where are you when I need you most?!). Throw in my laptop, gym clothes, my book of the month and it all starts to feel very Mary Poppins of me. Which is why we’re making a case for the large, spacious bags that are totally capable of carrying your entire life’s contents. Below we’ve rounded up ten beauties to get you back on the big bag bandwagon. 
— Dylan Essertier 

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Steven Alan William Bucket Shopper
When a market tote meets a leather shopper and falls in love, this bag is their baby.

A.P.C. Cabas Eddy Tote
Straight from their shop on Rue Madam in Paris, we love the cold logo and rich olive green color.

THE ROW Bindle Double Knots Leather Shoulder Bag 
The LBD of oversized bags — it’s simple,classic and chic and will last forever. 

Isabel Marant Wardy Leather Shopper
The queen of French chic doesn’t disappoint with this oversized calfskin shopper which is as spacious as it is chic.

 Saint Laurent Large Leather Shopper
An oldie but a goodie. What we love the most is how weightless the bag is on its own. And it comes in a million colors.

Madewell Medium Transport Tote
We love this one for its brightly colored strap and cool-girl vibe.

Essential Antwerp Faux Fur Handle Bag
Faux fur and faux leather FTW.

Gucci Large Flora Tote
Spring is coming, and you’re going to want this tote to celebrate.

Poolside Bags “Summer Fridays” Le Shortie Straw Tote
You probably already know about our love affair with Poolside Bags, and this tote fulfills all of our OOO dreams.

Leopard Pattern Tote
When you don’t want to commit to the animal print trend, $6 is the right price.

Balenciaga Kitten-Print Leather Tote
Or then there’s the one, which gives entirely new meaning to the animal print trend.