FASHION | Making Sense of the New Renaissance

Have you ever had a moment, when you’re scrolling through fashion show photos at the end of a season, perhaps searching for new work clothes or spring wedding attire, and amidst layers of mismatched clothingplastic dragons posing as accessories and construction-wear inspired sets, think to yourself, What exactly am I supposed to do with this?

I can definitely say that my experience in fashion editorial has taught me to not take a silk, jeweled, five-pound turban too seriously. Trend Forecasting at the end of each season, I’ve had more than my fair share of‘ The Devil Wears Prada moments; I’m just as confused as Andy was when she was unaware that her seemingly blue sweater was, in fact, Cerulean.

As fashion weeks have concluded, and fashion’s biggest night of the year came clad in stained glass dresses and headwear inspired by the heavens, it’s clear that this season is about rebirthing Catholicism as we know it. We’re taking it’s enchantment, and it’s power and combining it with strong women and artful design. It’s a modern day Renaissance if you will, but how do we make sense of it all?  Here are seven ways to incorporate it into your life.

1: Hair Accessories
Headbands no longer mean channeling your inner Blair Waldorf — instead bring forth the Sofonisba Anguissola in you. (Quick history lesson: Sofonisba was a late Renaissance painter and was the first great women artist. Can you say #goals?  But however they would have said it in the 15th Century.


2: Take a Trip to the Powerhouse of the Renaissance
On the off chance that the scenery in Call Me by Your Name didn’t instantly propel you to abandon all responsibilities and book a ticket to Northern Italy, we think the town of Mantua should be top on your summer list. Mantua is known by Italians as La Bella Addormentata —  translation: Sleeping Beauty. Translation: No tourists, incredible architecture.

3: Take up a New Hobby
There’s nothing like a fencing match or an archery class to relieve stress and give you a sense of power. If that sounds too intense, don’t worry, card games were a major part of the Renaissance too. For those of us in New York, I’ve done the research, check out the best places to pursue your hobby here.
Board Games & Alcohol

4: Corsets are the New Spanx
Gone are the days when corsets were a life-threatening item, and perhaps the start of the whole “fashion is pain” conundrum. Now we can simply throw them on instead of having them tightened by a whole team, because who’s got the time anyway?

5: Make Velvet a Year-Round Staple
There’s no reason such a rich, cozy material should be restricted to winter - defy the norms of seasonal dressing and wear velvet year-round. Bonus: it’s probably on sale.

6: Throw a Sunday Roast
Eat like the nobles and make Sunday Roast a weekly gathering. Trade the grand dining room for a friend’s rooftop and the chalice for a red cup. What’s on the menu? Beef roast, pasta, pastries, and for those of you who think side dishes are an American custom, you can actually thank the first king of France for them. Merci, François.

7: Stained Glass
Thanks to contemporary artists, stained glass is still prevalent in modern art and architecture. Brooklyn based artist, Tom Bruin, is known for his large scale stained glass installations. His work has shown in exhibitions across the world; so if you’re looking to mix in some culture, we strongly suggest checking out his upcoming shows.