Fashion | Pure Magic

I resisted Topshop for a long time. There was something about it that seemed so overwhelming to me, but my 12 year old daughter was persistent, and so one Saturday morning, we ventured into the Soho location early enough so that we were the only ones in the store. And here's what I found: MAGIC JEANS. Yes, that's right, jeans that magically make you look many, many pounds lighter than you actually are. They are the Jamie Jean ($70-$80) and while I can't exactly explain the phenomenon, I can tell you that I never get more compliments than I do when I wear these. They are just high-waisted enough to keep any muffin tops tucked in, stretchy enough that your ass isn't sagging by lunch and come in lengths so you can choose an ankle-grazer or a full length, no matter your height. Magic, I tell you.