In pursuit of a weekly political post, I give you Lingua Franca. The sweater company, started accidentally by Guest of a Guest founder Rachelle Hruska, has gone viral (literally, the craze started when she posted a photo of her first creation on Instagram) and while she originally started with hip hop lyrics embroidered on vintage cashmere, since the election she's moved into more political work. I became totally obsessed after seeing sweaters with sayings like "Free Melania," "I'm With Her," "I Didn't Vote For Him" and "I Miss Barack" (for that one, half of the proceeds are donated to the charity of your choosing), and reached out (by emailing) and ordered these two:


Needless to say I've gotten a ton of comments and requests on where to get them, so I wanted to share ASAP. Order yours and let's all let 45 know we are NOT with him.