Fashion | Spring Leather

There is no greater benefit to warmer temps (which I've been told will be coming someday) than the opportunity to break out a leather jacket. The perfect top layer over a sweater and jeans it can add just enough polish with a good dose of edge. This year, my obsession is color, which is weird considering  I  never stray out of the black zone. Here a few of my favorites.


The Ashville Biker Jacket from IRO ($1200) is the clear winner for me. On the pricey side for sure, but the leather is so soft you'll want to sleep in it, and the yellow is just perfection.


Yes, this is the same exact jacket. But it's blue. And yes, you need both. Don't you?


The Madewell Washed Swing Leather Jacket ($498) is black. Which might make us New Yorkers more comfortable. It's also swingy which will make everyone more comfortable. It's perfect over a bulkier sweater and is a nice departure from the typical biker jacket silhouette.


Enough pink to be ladylike, the Doma Biker Jacket ($499) is perfect when the weather really warms up.


Let's make this Veda Max Army Green Classic Jacket ($925) the new black, OK?