We’re into women. More specifically, we’re into women supporting women. As a mostly female-focused business, we have spent the past few years dedicating each week to holding women up, to making sure that we make them feel good, that we are all about positivity and light — especially during a time in our history when it can feel like women aren’t being as revered as they should be. Which is why we’re in love with The Letter Project, an organization whose mission is to help women in any kind of need and encourage them to realize their worth through the simple act of letter writing. The group of 1400+ volunteer women across five continents simply write letters. That’s it. Handwritten notes that can easily, with one stroke of the pen, change a girls’ life.

Here’s how it works: Someone who is in need of encouragement, or who is going through a tough time (or a friend or a relative of a person who needs little TLC) reaches out to The Letter Project via their website and submits a letter requests. They describe the situation, talk about what’s going on with the girl who needs the love and they ask for help. From there, the amazing ladies of The Letter Project get to work on writing the letters that will ultimately encourage, support and send love and hope to the woman in need. Just like that.

And here’s the even better news: Getting involved is not only incredible gratifying, it’s also super simple and there a re a few ways to do it:

1. Be a Letter Writer.
If you have 20 minutes to spare and want to bestow some love, fill out this form and you can choose when and how many letters to write (you can also sort through the letters by topic, age and religious affiliation, ensuring you feel a connection to the person you’re corresponding with). You’ll receive weekly email requests and you’ll be able to opt in and out as you need. Once your letter is received by The Letter Project, they’ll tie it up with ribbon, add a little note and send it to your girl.

2. Host a Write Night
This is our personal favorite. Grab your girl gang and get writing. We like to do this with wine, but daytime parties are fun, too. The Letter Project will provide the Letter Requests, and all you provide is the paper, pen and power of the written word.

3. Start Your Own Chapter of The Letter Project.
Feeling super energized by the idea of helping women? Thought so. You can start a chapter in your city by filling out this for.

4. Make a Dream Come True Via The Letter Project Wish List.
Sometimes you don’t have time to volunteer — we get it. But clicking an Amazon link takes no time. The letter Project has set up this page to help fulfill the wishes of some of the girls in need.

Throughout the process, TLP encourages you to share what you’re doing on social media (duh!) to help spread the word using the hashtag #TheLetterProject.

There’s something incredibly powerful about using the long lost art of letter writing to encourage and support women, no matter the issues they’re facing. Proof positive that the power of the pen really does still exist.