Random Acts | Stockings With Care

It seems only fitting that we highlight a holiday-based organization at this time of year, and Stockings with Care is one that we feel strongly about. The premise is simple: to make sure that families in need can create the magic of Christmas morning for their kids.  For SWC, it’s about “opening hearts, inspiring dreams and preserving the dignity of parents and their families.”

Here’s how it works: Social workers at each of the coalitions working with Stockings with Care, work with parents to make their Christmas lists. These lists are then passed on to Stockings with Care and through the generosity of private and corporate donors and a whole bunch of elves, they make sure that every child receives at least two or three things from their list to open on Christmas morning. Thousands of gifts are wrapped and delivered to the parents, empowering them to create magic for their kids.

We love this so much because it really allows familes who are in such dire need the other 364 days a year, to feel whole for at least one day – to just feel like a regular family on Christmas morning. It's so important.

For information on how to join the army of Santas, click here.