SOCIAL | 7 Instagram Accounts to Spark Joy (Besides @TheSelect7, obv)

Thanks to Japanese lifestyle expert Marie Kondo, ‘Kondo-ing’ has officially become our new favorite verb. Just like the rest of the world, we’ve taken her home organization tips and applied them to nearly all aspects of life from our closets to our relationships, so we figured, why not our Instagram feeds, too? Because LBH, we ALL have a love/hate relationship with social media and as far as we’re concerned, we want to make it all about the love. So we took a look back at some of the accounts our guests have talked about — the handles that crack them up, give them hope or teach them something new (or all of the above) — and we’re sharing seven that we believe will spark some serious joy in your feed. Happy scrolling! 

1. @self.practice
Although Gloria Noto advocates keeping phone time to a minimum, when she does hit the ‘gram, her go-to account is @self.practice. Just one scroll and it’s easy to see why: This feed is filled with tips, tools and insights on how to better center yourself. Think everything from poetry to soothing visuals (like paint swirls and gorgeous crystals and pottery) to grid posts about topics like negative self-talk and conscious business practices. 

2. @commentsbycelebs
Leave it to Michael Tommasiello aka @NYDoorman to lead us to our new favorite celebrity comedy account. Head here to see very, very famous people comment hilarious things on other famous people’s feeds. 

3. @law.of.attraction1111
Meagan Morrison uses this account to help manifest her dreams. “That must sound like a fake account but it's not! It's uplifting and inspiring and I do believe in my heart of hearts that I was able to manifest my pipe dream career into reality because of that good ole' law of attraction.” Hit follow for uplifting quotes that even on the worst of days will make you feel like good things are headed your way. 

4. @l0l0lita
Not familiar with Ms. Cros’ feed? Well start following because every Wednesday this brilliant curator features a different female artist she’s currently digging, which means not only can you stare at pretty art but you can familiarize yourself with some of the world’s most incredible female creatives. The weekly series, which she calls ‘Wing Woman Crush Wednesday’ has included posts on everyone from Jay Katelansky to Maryam Yousif and Marcela Pardo Ariza

5. @empoweredbirthproject
Why does Eileen Kelly love @EmpoweredBirthProject so much? “Because it reminds birthing people of their power. I was very interested in being a doula for a while, so I love this account that empowers child birth. It’s amazing what the human body can do, especially bringing new life into this world.” Scroll through this feed for raw photos, honest advice, and to join a community of women not afraid to talk about the joys and challenges of giving birth. 

6. @PhilGoodlife
Phil Good is an international speaker and spiritual teacher who was first put on our radar by illustrator Deanna First. “I'm trying to get better at letting go of any perfectionist tendencies when it comes to posting on IG. I love this message by Phil Good that states perfectionism kills creativity. It is so true! It really does block the flow of ideas when you're constantly worrying about your layout or what people’s reactions will be to every post.” Whether you’re looking to overcome creative blocks or just want to challenge yourself to new perspectives, this is a great account to explore. 

7. @wizkhalifa
Ok, granted Wiz Khalifa may seem like a total wild card on this list, but when we heard Jennifer Bandier was a fan we had to check it out. What did we discover? Whether it’s Wiz releasing new music, sharing family photos, or getting high (like really really high) his account is never not totally entertaining.