We could write a Harry Potter-sized series on why our phones are giving us anxiety. The endless stream of emails, the maddening Instagram algorithm and the constant (terrifying) news alerts that are forever popping up on our home screens (how the F do we turn those off?). Throw in all the text messages that need answering, the calls that come through and the constant glow of notifications and it’s easy to believe that the only reasonable way to get any Zen these days is to unplug. But we have options! In fact, if used correctly, your phone can actually serve as an incredibly handy tool in making you a happier, calmer and more successful human. How? By enlisting the help of some of your smartphones most soul-soothing apps. From tracking happiness to on-the-go meditation techniques, here are 7 apps to download if you’re looking to instantly boost your mood. 

1. Calm
If the thought of meditating actually induces anxiety, don’t worry because, yes — there’s an app for that. Calm is mostly aimed at those if us who are just starting to dip our toes into the mediation pool, but it does feature a pretty wide variety of options for all those looking for some peace. Practices from three to 30 minutes are an option, as well as topics from managing stress to happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and forgiveness. If you’re brand new to meditation, start with their “7 Days of Calm” program, a week-long series for beginners that focuses on breath work and brain training. Then let us know how you did.

2. Happify: For Stress & Worry
Want to build skills for lasting happiness? Happify is a self-improvement app that has you complete a series of science-backed activities and games (designed by leading experts in cognitive and behavioral therapy) that can help reduce stress and overcome negative thoughts. 

3. Unique Daily Affirmations
The art of overcoming negative self talk can be difficult near impossible, but there’s truth to the rumor that the more you love yourself, the more you’ll love yourself.  Unique Daily Affirmations inspires  with daily uplifting statements and quotes which are sure to start you on a path to self-love, Just open the app to receive affirmations siuch as, I think of what is possible instead of what isn’t”  over a  backdrop of nature scenes such as mountains and sunsets. You can even personalize the experience by creating and uploading your own affirmations. 

4. My Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journals can be super helpful in keeping us grounded and focused on what we have to be grateful for. They can also be heavy and a pain in the ass to carry around. Enter the My Gratitude Journal app, a digital space to store your blessings.

5. iMood Journal
When we were kids we used moon rings to gauge our feelings. Today we use the iMood Journal, a digital mood tracker that helps you keep a diary of your feelings as well as your  sleep patterns, energy and stress levels. 

6. Acts of Random Kindness
Doing good makes you feel good, end of story. Turn to this app when you need a creative suggestion to do just that, from calling your mom to making someone a cup of coffee, this one helps you spread the love. 

7. Worry Watch
Struggling with a serious case of the what-ifs? Worry Watch allows you to log and focus  on your “what did happen” thinking rather than  your “what might  happen” anxiety with the aim of helping you get a better grasp on your thought patterns, and ultimately exorcising your inner worry wart.