Here's the truth: Dating apps are a thing. In fact they're such a thing, that they've now bled over into the worlds of networking (bye, LInkedIn) and making friends (yes, friends). So here's what we did: In partnership with Bumble we’ve collaborated to bring you the 7 Most Insightful Statistics of dating app users in 2017. If you’re on the prowl for your next boyfriend, in dire need of a BFF to tour a museum or catch the latest movie, or are looking for your next employer (FUN FACT: I met my spectacular Content Editor, Madison Russell, via Bumble Bizz), Bumble has a platform for you. Proceed with this newfound knowledge and dominate your 2018 with gusto.


1. People spend the most amount of time on Bumble on Sunday, and least on Friday.
I guess this means that on Fridays we’re excited for the joy weekends bring, and on Sundays we’re contemplating our mortality and the impending doom of the work week. We're also probably on the couch with nothing but Netflix, Chinese takeout and our phones, so Sunday night swiping seems to make sense.

2. Fridays and Saturdays are the days when users are the least picky. People are most picky on Mondays.
Woah, there. Useful knowledge. I guess this means users a re feeling more desperate on weekends and a little more relaxed once the idea of a weekend spent alone is history. So basically, if you’re suddenly in need of a date, you’ll probably find someone on a dating app willing to join. Mondays, however, are for the more particular — read: relationship seeker.

3. The magic number of photos to get the most matches is 6. More pictures, more matches.
If you only have two photos, both of large groups of people, duh, you’re not going to get swiped on any app. Use your images to tell the story of your life. Include your interests, your dog (apparently statistics say that people like dog photos), a clear and unfiltered headshot and a full body shot. More pictures, more matches. Also, and this is a PSA from me: Please don't use a photo from the 80s, 90s or early 2000s. Honestly, if your hairline is receding, we're going to find out eventually, so put it out there from the get go. Thank you.


4. Short and snappy first messages tend to be the most successful (10 to 15 words), but GIFs as a first message have a surprisingly high response rate as well.
OK, this is good info to have because starting the convo is probably the hardest step. I would beg to differ about the GIF, but Bumble says so do it, so do it!

5. Women on average have 10 potential dates per month, while men have an average of 8 potential dates per month.
Hey girl, heeeey. Looks like you’re dominating the dating app arena. Isn’t that fantastic to know? Basically, you’re a badass super star and everyone should bow in your presence, so that’s cool.




6. Medical Sales is the most mutually attractive profession for both men and women
This one is a little baffling. No offense to medical sales people, but why is this the most attractive profession? Gonna need a little back up info here. But hey, if you’re a medical salesperson, kudos on your “mutually attractive profession."

7. The best time of day to send a message is between 8 and 10pm.
Officially noted. No more waking up, rolling over, and worrying about your dating apps. That’s gross. Send a few, eloquent messages at 9pm and forget about it.