As we say here at The Select 7: It's a social world, let’s use it for good. And today, we’re sharing our definitive list of the best phone and web apps technology has to offer. From social networks to financial investment platforms to cultural innovations that deliver Broadway tickets right to your phone, these advancements are life-changing. They’ll change the way you manage your day, and improve your sanity ten-fold. Editor chosen and approved, you’re in good hands. Swipe on.

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This one should be pretty obvious as our number one choice. Be sure to follow @theselect7 while you’re there.

The single best way to remain sane while scheduling and formatting your aforementioned Instagram grid.

Why aren’t you using Lyft yet? It’s amazing. Download it now and price compare each time you need a ride. It’ll almost always be cheaper than Uber. Here's $5 off your first three rides. You're welcome.

Via is a ride share service that costs $5. For a little more than your subway fare, you can comfortably get around NYC. Sounds pretty good to me.

The Skimm
A digestible way to peruse Trump’s latest fiasco, The Skimm provides headlines and a Spark Notes version of what’s happening in the world today.

City Mapper
Like Google Maps Transit function, but better. It includes such gems as which train car you’ll want to enter to arrive at your destination fastest, and how many pizzas you’ll be allowed to eat if you choose to walk your route.

Gotta capture the boomies. Those images that seem to bounce back and forth? Created on Boomerang. Duh.

The best photo editing app out there. And LIFE HACK – you can make a photo recipe and apply it to all your photos with the click of a button. Talk about cohesion!

NYT Crossword
The best way to pass the time and improve your mind.

A genius app for your phone that syncs your Kindle books to the device you always carry.
A real game changer. Instantly see every email subscription you’re signed up for, and decide which ones earn a spot in your inbox. Clearly, The Select 7 stays. But your dentist from another state has got to go.

Simply Rain ( )  – The most perfect white noise app that will lull you to sleep in an instant. It sounds like rain falling on the windowsill and is there anything more peaceful than that?

The be all, end all of music applications. Spotify has swept the scene with curated playlists, expert radio stations, and tailored choices that somehow just get you.

What did we all do before Seamless? Picked up the phone and ordered delivery by speaking to a human? The horror.

A delightful way to secure Broadway show tickets. A concierge will meet you right under your theater marquis with tickets in hand, and you can waltz right in.

With the new platform innovations like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF, this app has something for everyone. Download it now.

The simplest way to send money to your friends. That awkward moment when the check comes and no one has any idea how to split the bill is forever banished.

A 21st century way to invest your money into a diversified portfolio. Financial advisors in the palm of your hand? Yes, please.

Receive money back when you shop on the internet, which let’s face it, you’re doing all the time. This one is a no brainer.

Hotel Tonight
Our editor Madison swears by HotelTonight, and has found the best deals when travelling abroad. Approach with a flexible mindset and go with the flow attitude. You’re sure to find great deals on last minute hotel rooms.

Book your blowout in seconds. Genius.

Oh goodness, don’t get us started on the paradise that is Zara. But, the NYC stores are a total disaster. Reap the benefits of fast fashion without the hazards of hundreds of hands grabbing at your favorite pair of jeans.

Your number one airport app for efficient travelling.   You’ll be sure to make that connection with iExit.