Yup, we’ve officially entered the dog days of summer, the time when the weather is so hot, sultry and oppressive that it’s “not fit for a dog.” So stay safely inside, grab an ice cold drink and feast your eyes on seven impossibly cute dog sites that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
— Holly Parmelee

Pooch of NYC
We are madly in love with this adorable dog often seen in sunglasses drinking a coffee or glass of wine. The hilarious pics of Agador will immediately put you in a good mood because the poodle/maltese mix - with a serious fro - is freaking adorable.

Menswear Dog
Bodhi, aka The Most Stylish Dog in the World, is the Shiba Inu behind the blog Menswear Dog. His owners are a graphic designer and fashion designer/photographer with real fashion chops, so his stylish looks are seriously legit. So much so that it even warranted his own book: Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man. 

With over 9 million followers and two Guinness World Records (Fastest 10m on hind legs —6.56 seconds; and Fastest 5m on front paws — 7.76 seconds), adorable fluffball Jiffpom is a total star. You can see the cute Pomeranian in everything from commercials, to movies and YouTube videos (where he moonwalks and does handstands!). 

The Dogist
Elias Weiss Friedman has photographed and profiled over 30,000 adorable dogs from around the world on his wildly popular photoblog. He takes soulful, street style pics of pooches each day as well as rescue dogs from shelters in need of homes. You’ll find his gram totally addictive. 

Loki the Wolf Dog
Loki is a husky, arctic wolf, and malamute mix who has an otherworldly, Game of Thrones look. He spends his time going on epic hiking adventures with his photographer owner who captures breathtaking shots of him in stunning locales. Follow Loki for some serious wanderlust through the eyes of a dog. 

Norbert The Dog
How could you not love this adorable 3lb therapy dog who loves to high five? The rescue dog volunteers at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other establishments to bring comfort and love to those who need it. I mean, come on, not only is he the cutest thing we’ve ever seen but he’s a philanthropic do-gooder too! 

The Real Wacha
Wacha was wallowing in a kill shelter when he was adopted by Andy Cohen. Now he happily lives his best life in NYC, spending time on set at Watch What Happens Live and hanging with his new baby brother. Life is good!