Did you OD on Whitman’s Samplers last week? Same. Which is why we decided to investigate options.. And by options we mean sweets that go *way* beyond your typical box of chocolates. Or, in better words: Adult Candy (no, we aren’t talking about CBD). And here’s the good news, you don’t need the excuse of a Hallmark holiday to indulge in any of these goodies — from champagne gummies to mojito-flavored lube (yes, lube), you’re one click away from some serious fun.

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Sugarfina Sweet and Sparkling Bears Set
If you ask us, grown-up gummies are the best gummies, which is why Sugarfina’s set of dark chocolate champagne bears and pink chocolate sparking Rosé bears are a must. Bursting with boozy flavor, these adorable little gummies are the perfect combination of naughty and nice. 

Fruity Flavored Candy Boobs 
Because, boobs, obv.

McCrea’s Single Malt Scotch Caramels 
Scotch lovers rejoice! Inside McCrea’s single malt scotch caramels you’ll find the smoky flavor of Ardmore scotch married with sweet notes of creamy milk chocolate. We’re not salivating, you’re salivating. 

Pina Colada Tic Tacs 
Who knew it was as easy as popping a few Pina Colada Tic Tacs to find our vacation bliss during these absurdly chilly winter days?

Jack Daniels Chocolate Liquor Truffles
Jack and coke? Naturally. Jack and Chocolate? Even better.

Rosé Lollipops 
These picture-perfect pops are made with real rosé, a hint of watermelon, raspberry and strawberry. Oh, and if that didn’t make them Instagrammable enough, they also just happen to be flecked with gold. SO, saucy, right?

Mojito Flavored Lube
What can we say? This cocktail-flavored lube brings an entire new meaning to happy hour. Give it a late night whirl for its promise of a sweet, tangy, and refreshing night cap. 

Assorted Chocolate Body Paints
This chocolate body paint set is all about the threesome. Relax, we’re talking about the three flavors it comes in, which includes white, milk and dark chocolate. Word to the wise: to avoid laundry this activity is best carried out in the comfort of your favorite hotel. 

Godiva Chocolate Vodka 
Make Willy Wonka proud and whip up a chocolate martini with about two ounces of Godiva’s chocolate vodka, an ounce of crème de cacao and a garnished rim of powdered cocoa. Oh, and when you do, please don’t forget to invite us over. 

Milk Chocolate Happy Hour Cocktail Chocolate Collection 
Indecisive? Opt for this collection of cocktail-inspired chocolates which features everything from banana daiquiris and JagerBombs to Rum & Coke and Irish Car Bomb chocolates.
Note: despite the flavors, there’s no actual real liquor inside of these so the only buzz you’ll get is off of your sugar high. 

Candy Cuffs
Ok, so maybe these aren’t the most secure handcuffs, but they are certainly the most fun.