I am admittedly not a huge fan of the juice craze (is it still a craze?). I don't love drinking greens and I also don't love not eating food. What I do, love, though, are rich, yummy, nutrient-dense smoothies that make me feel like I'm drinking a milkshake. Except I'm not. Enter Daily Harvest, a company born when its founder, Rachel Drori, a busy New Yorker and even busier mom, found herself craving one of those milkshake-like smoothies, but basically opened her cupboard to find it bare. She knew there had to be an easier way to get her daily dose of good, so she created DH which delivers (yes, DELIVERS), 14+ varieties (cacao + avocado, watermelon + cucumber, chocolate + blueberry, cold brew + almond pictured, to name a few) of delicious, whole food, ready-to-blend smoothies to your freezer. That's right: you pick the flavors you want, they deliver them to you frozen, you put them in the freezer and take them out, throw them in the blender with your liquid base of choice (I like unsweetened almond milk), and voila: the perfect milkshake. I mean, smoothie. Don't you feel healthier already?