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Bottle openers, corkscrews, mixers — these are all things that can really put a damper on your summer beach days, boat trips and picnics, especially if you for forget them. Which is why we’re in love with the new generation of canned cocktails and artisanal wines. Remember sweet and syrupy wine coolers? Yeah, that’s not happening here. Instead think crisp rosés, dry whites, top-shelf booze and organic juices all coming to you in an easy-to-sip can. Read on to discover our top picks to pack in your cooler (or purse!) this summer.
— Holly Parmelee

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These small-batch cocktails made with top quality ingredients are handcrafted in Miami. You can choose from their small batch originals – Sunset Sangria, Copper Pot Margarita or Blood Orange Mimosa - or the new Organic Spritzes which come in five flavors. Our favorite is the Bellini Spritz which is rose’ wine paired with a hint of fresh mango and peach juice. Whichever one you choose, you’ll know that your drink is organic, completely natural, low in sulfites, and has no added sugar -which should help the potential hangover.  

Cutwater makes 12 different canned cocktails including Cucumber Vodka Soda, Tequila Paloma and a seriously delicious Bloody Mary (throw a few cans in a pitcher, add a celery stalk, and no one would ever believe it’s not freshly homemade!). They use only top-shelf booze and house-made mixers that ensure the cocktails are dangerously drinkable.

Fisher’s Island Lemonade was created at The Pequot Inn on Fishers Island where they’ve been serving this delicious concoction for over 100 years. A mixture of whiskey, vodka, and natural juices, the cocktail is pleasantly tart and potently refreshing and the yellow and white striped can just screams summer.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery was one of the first to embrace the canned wine trend in 2004 with the Sofia Blanc de Blancs Mini. It proved so popular that they’ve followed up with a canned wine for every taste — a Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and the Sofia Brut Rose.

West and Wilder created four elegant wines to choose from: a dry rosé, crisp white, sparkling rosé or sparkling white. We love the chic, sophisticated packaging and the fact their canned wines have gotten top ratings from the esteemed Wine Spectator. 

The Drop offers a delicious Provence style, dry rose’, a Sauvignon Blanc Blend white, and a California “Old Vine” red.  Try all three when you customize your own 24-pack. Then have it delivered straight to your home in a box emblazoned with “The Party has Arrived.” How fun is that? 

Pampelonne’s goal was to create sparkling wine cocktails with fine French wine that was light, crisp, and not too sweet. Well, they nailed it! Our fave (of their 7 flavor options) is the not too sweet, not too tart Rose’ Lime and at only 110 calories you can have two — or three — ok, maybe stop at four.

Some of our favorite wines in a can that don’t taste like wines in a can. The new line of spritzes are also on point with low alcohol content (6%) and a refreshing, light finish.