Taste | Man Up

Manning up in the kitchen is as easy as 1-2-3 with these super manly accessories.


Having a digital meat thermometer is really life changing. It takes the guess work out of cooking and ensures that you hit your desired temp every time. This one takes it a step further, though: it's food-safe, heatproof (to 450°F) and connects to any iPad or iPhone. You just download the accompanying (free) app, and you'll get digital alerts on your device. Choose from the Ember 3" sharp tip (for meats), the Aqua 6" round tip (for cheeses, candy making, and liquid), or the Coal 3" with an even tougher fiberglass cable (for grilling).

GLOBAL G-12 6 1/2" MEAT CLEAVER, $132.49

Designed to butcher and cut through bones, the completely stainless steel Global G-12 is the perfect cleaver. The handle is hollow but balanced so it has a nice weight without being too heavy, and the wide flattened end (called a rear bolster) can be used to crush spices or herbs.


The cast iron skillet is hands down the manliest of pans, and it sears a steak like no other. The Lodge brand offers a huge range of shapes and sizes which are well made and affordable, and most importantly, come pre-seasoned. And for those of you have stayed away from cast iron because of the perceived maintenance, check out the truth about cast iron here. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually going to be the easiest pan in your arsenal.