Traveling these days is not for the faint of heart. It’s a battle and you need to be armed and ready at all times for all possible situations: Flight delays, cancellations, security lines, freezing airplanes, crying babies, snoring seat mates — you know what we’re talking about. So how do you prepare? With precision, organization and maybe a stiff drink. Or just read on for our favorite tips, tricks and products that we promise will make your travel at least feel relatively relaxing.

Clear and/or Global Entry
Just. Do. It. So worth the hassle of signing up when you then can easily whiz through the customs line. With Global Entry you also get TSA Pre Check (you don’t have to take shoes and belts off) which really speeds up the security line process. With Clear all you do is go to their kiosk, scan your fingers and eyes, and a representative will bring you to the front of the security line. You heard right.  To the FRONT of the security line. You can also use Clear at select sporting events (Yankee Stadium) and some train stations. 

Label It
Put a white label on the back of your passport and write your passport number on it. You will not believe how much easier it is to fill out customs forms with this easy step. We also scan our passports and send to our phones so it’s easier to replace in case it’s ever lost. 

Set It
Set your watch to your destination time zone right when you get on the plane. Setting your internal clock right away is crucial. 

Pack It
If you travel frequently, keep a duplicate toiletries bag full of your essentials in your suitcase so it’s always ready to go. Deodorant, toothbrush, Advil, etc. This is a huge packing timesaver.

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Trtl Travel Pillow  
This baby was my BFF on an endless car ride in Morocco and has held my neck in place on countless plane flights. It feels more like a scarf and can be adjusted to any area that needs support. Plus, it folds up easily and doesn’t take up much room.

Portable Charger
The big trend in airlines now is to remove the seatback TVs and offer personal device streaming (where you can go to their app and stream movies and TV for free) to your own phone or tablet. This is great, but it eats your battery fast. Some airlines have outlets, but it’s always a risk as to if they work. A mobile charger (some are the size of tube of lipstick) is a great safety net to give your phone or computer an extra boost. 

Clorox Travel Wipes 
When you see what comes off of your tray table and arm rests after you wipe them down you’ll never forget to bring these. 

Bose Quiet Control 30 Wireless Headphones
These take up much less room than big headphones and they really work to block out noise.

Compression Socks
Promote blood flow, reduce swelling, prevent aches and pains, AND keep your feet warm with these cute compression socks.

Nuun Hydrating Tablets
It’s easy to get dehydrated during travel, so I always keep these on hand. The delicious blend of botanicals and electrolytes keep you hydrated and healthy and I love that they also help boost my immunity. 

DEBLOAT Food + Prebiotic
This miracle product immediately helps with in-flight bloating and the prebiotic stabilizes digestion and keeps your gut happy for future meals. A genius combo!

The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Kit
A perfect pouch filled with all the TSA-friendly sized beauty essentials you’ll need for travel.

Go Bags
Three pouches keep the inside of our travel bag organized– one clear for liquids and gels, one medium for cords and chargers, and a large one for medications, lip balm, hand cream, face masks, etc.