I am a hideously bad packer. I mean – so bad. Here’s my process: the day before a trip I make a list of what I’m doing while away and then I choose one outfit for each event. And then I take 3000 other articles of clothing and jam them into the bag on top of what I’m actually going to use. Bad, bad packer.

But a few weeks ago I went away on a 3-day trip to Tulum and I CARRIED ON. Yes, you read that right: I CARRIED ON. And it was life changing. To get off a plane and just leave the airport? OMG. The most liberating feeling ever. So from now on I would like to attempt to carry on always, and while I know that’s unrealistic (how do people do it when they’re going to winter destinations? One sweater? No sweats? How does that work?. I guess I'lll cross that bridge when I get to it), it's a goal. So for now I wanted to share some of my favorite carry-on bags, because anything is possible.


AWAY carry on and bigger carry on. Love this brand and it’s the only lightweight hard sided luggage I have ever found. Plus the area around the zipper is stretchy, so you can overstuff them and they’ll still fit in the overhead compartment. Oh, and did I mention they come with a USB port that will charge your phone or iPad (or anything else that uses a USB)?

Rimowa Salsa 22" Deluxe Hybrid. Heavier than AWAY and doesn’t hold quite as much, but the pockets on the outside are amazing. I can fit my 13” MacBook air in the front which is awesome for taking out before take off.

Genius Pack G3 22" Carry On. OMG. This bag. It’s not so pretty, but it holds so much and has compartments on the inside for underwear, socks, chargers, etc. And it also has a compressible laundry bag and there’s a laundry “chute” in the side of the bag so you can just stash dirty clothes as you go.







Balenciaga Medium Bazar Shopper Tote. It’s huge. It holds So. Much. Stuff. And the beauty is, it zips on top so and fits perfectly under the seat in front of you.