Packing. Long-haul flights. Lack of Sleep. Yes, taking a vacation is the best, but actually getting to said vacation is a whole different story. Trust us, we’ve been there. And so have our jet-setting guests, which is why we’ve narrowed down all of their advice into seven travel hacks that we’re pretty sure will make your next trip. From how to keep your skin looking fresh post-flight (even if you forgot your makeup bag!) to the best noise cancelling headphones to help you put the bon back in bon voyage. 
By Dylan Essertier 

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1. Drown out the Noise 
It’s no surprise that perpetual traveler and Founder of Fathom magazine Pavia Rosati knows a thing or two when it comes to the art of mastering a stress-free trip. “I love airports — the potential! the anticipation! — and don’t even hate flying.” she explains, but that’s also probably because she comes highly prepared: “I have my plane survival routine down: I pack my own meals, a dozen magazines, Sony noise-cancelling headphones (which work as well as the Bose versions that cost 8x as much), moisturizer, and an extra sweater because I’m not the only one who freezes on overnight flights, right?” 


2. Dry Shampoo = Your Best Travel Buddy
Count on Drybar founder Ali Webb to help you achieve your best airport hair. “Bring your Dry Shampoo and Mai Tai spray with you whenever you travel. It will help you achieve that je ne sais quoi. No really, Webb designed the product with French women in mind. “French women especially are so naturally beautiful, so I really wanted to absorb the lifestyle and their carefree hairstyles. It’s all about the natural look with a little texture and a beauty wave.


3. Have a Tea Party

Forgot your in-flight beauty essentials? No problem. Make like Andi Dorfman and get creative and consider using what’s already on the plane. “I travel a lot from NYC to LA so my plane routine is kind of funny. I always pack a face mask  in my purse and put it on during the flight. If for some reason I don't have one, I'll ask the flight attendants for tea bags and put them on my eyes. People will look at me funny but within a minute tell me what a great idea it is.”


4. Remember: Comfort and Hydration are Key
Stay super comfy and hydrated during a long-haul flight by utilizing Jaina Lee Ortiz’s go-to travel items. “My favorite travel accessory is my Hastens booty slippers. And I always carry an Evian facial spray to keep my skin hydrated.” 

5. Make Your Luggage Pop with Personality
Make like  fashion blogger ElShane and make sure you suitcase has plenty of style...and not just for the fashion points but to make things easier for yourself at baggage claim as well. “I use the Kenneth Cole Reaction Hardside Spinner luggage series in Rose Gold .It’s always easy to spot my luggage and it’s been very durable throughout my travels,” she explains. 


6. Don’t Sleep on Quirky Sleep Masks 
Speaking of airplane style, Candice Hoyes knows how to infuse a little fashionable fun into any flight. “Ever since Flight 001 opened nearby in my old downtown neighborhood, I’ve been crushing on all the colorful yet practical solutions. With so much time on the road and so many hours in limbo or away from home, these goodies save time and make me smile. I love these cheeky travel masks and I love this beautiful travel bag for keeping my garments on point.” 


7. Keep Calm and CBD 
Jet-setting fashion designer Stephanie Von Watzdorf certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to making the most of getting on a plane. Her go-to items? “I always have a loaded mini iPad with music, books and Netflix, a pashmina, Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, my favorite Retrosuperfuture sunglasses and some CBD drops for calming.”