As much as we appreciate all of the annual year-end lists filled tons of travel inspiration, .to be honest, there are just so many of them these days it often makes narrowing down where to actually go that much more difficult. Yes, seeing the otherworldly landscapes of Namibia sounds amazing, but so does bird-watching in the pine forests of Bhutan — and round and round and round we go. So in order to help you bypass wanderlust fatigue, we’ve pored over the top travel publications, Best Places to Go in 2019 lists (we’re looking at you New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Bloomberg, AFAR) to come up with seven standout destinations that are getting a ton of love across the Internet this year. Keep reading to discover the *only* travel bucket-list you’ll need for 2019. 
— Dylan Essertier

1. Egypt 
As mentioned by Conde Nast Traveler, National Geographic and CNN Travel
The political turmoil of 2011 might have kept travelers away, but since 2017 tourism has been on a major rebound in Egypt. The buzz is largely thanks to the opening of a new 5.2-million-square-foot Grand Egyptian museum which is slated to open this year. Located in the Giza Plateau, it cost a cool billion dollars to get up and running and is said to be the world’s largest museum devoted to a single civilization.

2. Japan 
As mentioned by The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler and AFAR
Tokyo, always Tokyo. I mean how can you resist when it’s the most Michelin-starred city in the world? But for something a bit more off-the-beaten-path, travel experts suggest heading to Japan’s ancient Setouchi region from April through November to peep the Setouchi Triennale Art Fair.

3. Chile 
As mentioned by Travel + Leisure, AFAR and Bloomberg
Or more specifically the Elqui Valley. Why? Because on July 2nd this remote region in Chile is set to experience a total solar eclipse. Want in on this epic moment? Boutique travel company, Upscape, is offering a five-day itinerary which includes stargazing from a luxury tent.

4. The Grand Canyon 
As mentioned by Travel + Leisure and Bloomberg
In 2019, this incredible geological marvel is celebrating its 100th birthday and to celebrate, the National Park Service is rolling out many new tours and initiatives you won’t want to miss.

5. Germany 
As seen by AFAR, CNT, and National Geographic and Lonely Planet 
Speaking of celebrations, The Bauhaus School of Design (which is credited with ushering in the modernist era, BTW) is also celebrating its centennial this year. Festivities are planned all year round, including a special exhibition at Berlinische Galerie. Not into it this particular birthday bash? Head to Berlin for cutting-edge architecture and fabulous food, or to any of Munich’s many beer gardens. 

6. Hong Kong 
As mentioned by Bloomberg and New York Times Travel
This glamorous city has it all, from incredible dining to mesmerizing architecture. But making it even more irresistible in 2019 is the up-and-coming Tai Kwun neighborhood, which is a vibrant cultural zone filled with cute boutiques and concept shops. Trust me, I was there this past summer and couldn’t get enough of this gritty-meets-artsy neighborhood which kind of feels like the Williamsburg (back when it was super legit) of Hong Kong. 

7. Puerto Rico
As Mentioned by CN Traveler and New York Times Travel
Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is being reborn. Go not only to help boost the local economy, but to enjoy the rich artistic, cultural and historical heritage that this US territory has to offer. You can read more about why The New York Times made it number one on their list.