TRAVEL | When Architectural Digest meets Out of Office

Here’s the thing — as much as we appreciate movies on demand, a well-stocked minibar and an oversized bathrobe, sometimes hotel life can feel anything but inspired. Which is why we have such a love affair with the idea of vacation home rentals, especially when they can turn our wildest architectural dreams into beautiful reality. Want to spend a weekend in Margot Tenenbaum's bedroom? Sure. How about a night in an actual treehouse? Or a week off the grid in a house inspired by Thoreau's Walden? We're in. Read on for our favorite far-flung, jaw-to-the-ground houses for rent (via Airbnb, btw). Where do you want to go?

1. This Wes Anderson Film-Themed Century Home 
Prince Edward, Canada 
Were you as obsessed with Margot Tenenbaum as we were? Thought so. Which is why this two bedroom home in Canada has seriously captured our hearts. Inside this cozy, eclectic gem of an escape, each room is themed for a different film in the director’s repertoire, and it’s epic. Check out more photos here.

2. This Enchanted Treehouse 
Atlanta, Georgia 
OK, so there’s a reason this is the *most* wished for Airbnb property in the world. Yes, the entire freakin’ world. Located outside of Atlanta, this dreamy treehouse is all about rope bridges and fairy lights and cozy cabin living. Come here to relax, unwind, ‘gram and befriend the surrounding pine forest. 

3. This Sleek “Do Not Disturb” Hideaway 
Puerto Escondido, Mexico 
Get off the grid at Casa Tiny in Mexico’s Puerto Escondido, which was inspired by Henry David Thoreau's "Walden” (in case you fell asleep in American Literature, Walden was all about simple living in natural surroundings). It’s the perfect place to write, dance naked, or read that book you’ve been dying to finish. Oh, and did we mention there’s a private beach just a few minutes away?

4. This Little Mermaid-Approved Abode 
Isla Mujeres, Mexico 
We don’t know how this house manages to be so damn kitschy while also kind of irresistible. Maybe it’s the fact that the Little Mermaid will always have a place in our hearts, or maybe it’s because it’s perched on a private cliffside in Mujeres, Mexico, (hola, margaritas!) which has insane ocean views. Regardless, we’re into it. 

5. This Chic Farmhouse in Portugal 
Penafiel, Portugal 
Rent this gorgeous country farmhouse for its salt-water infinity pool, jacuzzi, stunning garden or its own farm of chickens, sheep and pigs. You’ll also get some of the most enchanting views of the Douro River money can buy. 

6. This Regal Castle in Ireland 
Adare, Ireland 
Embrace your inner Meghan Markle during a stay at this 12th-century castle. The best part? It costs $396 per night and comes with five bedrooms! Can you say royal steal? 

7. 66 Fuller House 
Prattsville, New York 
You know we had to throw in a local option for you as well. This luxury retreat in Lexington, New York is just a breezy 2.5 hour drive from NYC, and is a design lover’s dream thanks to details such as a whitewashed brick fireplace and chic wrap-around staircase which look straight out of an Architectural Digest spread.