W+B | 7 Brilliant Skincare Tricks We’ve Learned From our Guests 


Sharing is caring, right? Yup. We love to share. In fact, the idea of sharing is how The Select 7 was born, and it’s what we look forward to week in and week out — especially when it comes to beauty tips, tricks and secrets. Luckily, we get to feature some pretty serious heavyweights in the beauty biz, and we’ve learned some pretty great stuff from all of them. From makeup artists to the stars (Rachel Goodwin and Gloria Noto) to women creating their own major skincare brands (Allison McNamara and Melanie Simon), we’ve learned a lot from ALL of our past guests, no matter their industry. And guess what? We’re sharing. Again. So we’ve gone back in time to round up seven of the best and most unexpected tips and tricks we’ve learned from just a handful of our incredible Select Guests over the years. 

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1.  Stay Dirty
Want to look like Olivia Culpo? Same. Well, you may not like it, but her secret to getting that glow includes NOT washing her face. Ew, or Yay? “My skincare routine is all about making sure I’m keeping my skin hydrated. Dry skin looks grey and dull, and you want to try and have that glow. This may sound crazy, but some mornings I don't wash my face in order to hang on to some of my natural oils.” 

2. Feed Your Face 
Former Victoria’s Secret Model and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, Lindsay Ellingson, feeds her skin from the inside out. “I take vitamins every day including Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Repair Food which helps to renew your skin from the inside out with powerful actives like purslane and quercetin. My skin has a noticeable glow after one week of use.” 

3. Caffeinate, Caffeinate, Caffeinate  
As the former Beauty Director for ELLE.com, Julie Schott knows a thing or two when it comes to products that actually work. Her secret to combatting under eye puffiness?  “Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream which is infused with caffeine and works on fine lines, puffiness and under-eye shadows.” 

4. Digital Detox  
Have you ever thought about protecting your face from the blue light coming off of your devices? Well you should because new research shows that extended exposure to computer screens can cause premature aging of the skin. Luckily TS7’s Founder + Creative Director, Pamela Schein Murphy, has you covered: I use Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer as my last step before sunscreen or makeup. It creates a perfect, poreless canvas and makes my makeup last all day. It also protects from pollution and computer rays.” 

5. Don’t Buy the Cow 
It’s hard to believe that model Sophia Esperanza ever had anything less than a flawless complexion. “I used to battle with terrible skin. Cystic acne ruled my life, and I was on a mission to fix it,” she recently explained. “I remember the day I stopped eating dairy; I told myself this was my ‘last shot’ before trying Accutane. I never had to try Accutane, because that was the end of my cystic acne.”

6. Use A Little Egyptian Magic 
Beauty guru Melanie Simon let us in on an unexpected tip to fight dry, itchy skin: “Egyptian Magic is awesome for eczema, I put a tiny bit on my eyelids at night to keep the crepey away, a hilarious friend of mine called it Egyptian Vagic … no explanation necessary, I hope. It’s been around for decades, has a cult following and is really, really clean. This is why I like EM for any application where it’s going into the body (get your minds out of the gutter and back onto your comfortable reading chair), think burns, cracked lip corners, healing cuts — you get my drift.

7. Get Greasy
Romain Gaillard, owner of The Detox Market, (and our token make guest today), swears by oils for fighting dry skin: “I moisturize with an oil. A favorite is the Odacité A Summer in Hossegor serum. People are scared oil will be greasy, but this one sinks right into the skin. It works so well for me that I use it year round. I also love using May Lindstrom The Pendulum Potion every few days. The scent and texture of this cleansing oil is unique. You can also use it on your hair before a shower.