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I don't know about you, but my skin is suffering. A summer of layer upon layer of sunscreen has each pore on my face being slowly suffocated, spitting out blackheads and zits in a last ditch attempt at survival. I was unsure what to do about do about the state of things, so I asked the woman at my neighborhood apothecary, and she recommended the Cane + Austin line of "miracle" pads and creams. Each product in the extensive line is formulated with "a unique Glycolic Acid derived from sugar cane. A revelation in at-home skincare, it goes deeper to exfoliate, hydrate and reduce signs of aging for healthy, younger-looking skin." So yeah, I figured it was worth a try. While I've only been using the Miracle Pads, 10% Facial Moisture Cream, Eye Cream, Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen (my FAVORITE - it's like water but with an SPF of 50!) and the Prime + Protect Mattifying Primer (also SPF 50) for a couple of weeks, I'm hooked. My skin actually looks like there's life there, and my pores are no longer planning a coup.