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We’re suckers for good packaging, so when we came across the gorgeous brand, Snow Fox Skincare, we were smitten. Which led us to fall in love with its owner, Phoebe Song, who is sharing all of the things she’s in love with right now. So we’re just out here spreading the good beauty vibes. Don’t you feel better already?

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Herbal Youth Mask
Due to my chronic skin condition, I am extremely strict with skincare upkeep to avoid breakouts. I use this sheet mask three to four times a week without fail to keep skin smooth, hydrated and in good condition. This one's been my recent favorite out of our three masks because I like the firming effect it has.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller
I use this to gently de-puff my face after stressful days, it helps with lymphatic drainage and releases tension in my jawline. I have a tendency to clench my jaw without realizing (especially when I'm under pressure) so to be able to roll all that stiffness away is heaven for me. It's cooling, relaxing and a daily little self care ritual I love. I use it over a sheet mask or sometimes just with our Herbal Youth facial oil.

I am a minimalist at heart. Orchids are such beautifully structured, feminine flowers that add something special to a minimalist home without overcrowding the zen balance. I always try to keep some around my office and home.

Omega Repair Cream
I use this as a naturally hydrating primer for makeup, as silicone-based products break me out. It also becomes a very rich cream mask if you add a few drops of facial oil into a tablespoon of it — I used it a lot to protect my skin when I was recently in New York, as I was struggling in the extreme climate.

Turmeric pills
I take whole root, wildcrafted Turmeric pills each day to keep my immune system going as I used to get sick a lot. The ones I use are special to me. They were wild harvested from a native Hill tribe farmer in Northern Chiang Rai, Thailand. We pulled some out of the ground together as he proudly talked about the generations before him and his dream of passing his land to his children to cultivate. The color, taste, scent and potency were nothing like I'd ever seen before. There in the mountain tops, I met different indigenous groups that have passed down ancient agricultural techniques that require no fertilizer, chemicals or even pesticides (they use only salt) to produce extraordinary harvests. Their way of agriculture did not erode the soil or exploit the mountain ecosystems. They did however, look puzzled and a little amused when I tried to explain to them what "organic" meant as their way of life was beyond western standardized certifications though they were very happy to supply me their harvests. These communities rely on ethically-sourced production companies like ours to help fairly sustain their livelihoods. I'm aiming to launch this soon; we've almost finished production, but until then I'm taking from our freshly made stock for myself!

Ere Perez Lipstick in Cocktail
This is currently my go-to lipstick. As you’ve probably guessed by now, being easily reactive to harsh chemicals means that I am extra careful when it comes to lip stuff, even though my lips are a bit more tolerant than the rest of my face when it comes to products. I love how creamy and smooth it glides on and the color is soft but still vibrant enough.

Hong Kong
I moved to Hong Kong almost seven years ago, although now I live between countries. It's often nicknamed the New York of Asia — an amazingly vibrant city with intense old and new beauty. I remember the first time I looked at that skyline, I was stunned. It's hard to explain, but one day if you go there, you'll know. People go to Hong Kong to become something; its liberal economy, buzzing energy and proximity to other Asian countries make it the perfect hub for growth. So, what truly makes this small, fast paced and sometimes grubby city so beautiful to me, is that it's a city of dreams. And what could be more beautiful, than dreams and aspirations?

about phoebe

Phoebe Song is the founder of Snow Fox Skincare, a plant based, sensitive skincare line most well known for their natural sheet masks which are favorites of celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian, and skincare enthusiasts worldwide.