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Our latest obsession? Maison, a chic members-only club designed exclusively for women on the Upper East Side. Haven’t been? Trust us when we say this club is a sanctuary stocked with unique fashion and beauty brands that have us in deep lust. Luckily, founder Ashley Wu was willing to share all the deets. Read on for seven lifestyle brands this fashionable founder swears by.

The idea for Maison came from my desire to have a chic place to go and work as well as build deeper relationships with other women in the neighborhood. Prior to founding Maison, I worked for eight years in fashion, photoshoot production and editorial production with my blog, Exposed Zippers. Given my background, the retail component of Maison was really important to me. Below are seven brands I swear by, and am proud to be able stock at Maison.
— Ashley Wu  

1. Lingua Franca
I’ve been obsessed with Lingua Franca since its founder, Rachelle MacPherson, started selling sweaters on Instagram. I think I have about four. I love that they’re such a powerful, yet chic way to literally make a statement. I also love that she’s used the brand as a way to teach her followers about the importance of being informed and involved in our communities. She’s made such an impact with a sweater brand!

2. Lord Jones
Ahhhh, Lord Jones! Who doesn’t love a delicious way to chill? I have struggled with anxiety for years and the Lord Jones gumdrops are an effective way to combat my anxious feelings. I am a CBD believer! I’m convinced, alongside many others, that its healing properties can decrease pain, inflammation and anxiety.

3. Phaidon
I was so thrilled when we secured Phaidon as our book partner at Maison because their books are some of the most beautiful in the world. I love having objects around that are aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a purpose. Beautiful books are my favorite!

4. Maison Louis Marie
Maison Louis Marie is committed to clean beauty and providing a product that is good for the environment and our bodies. I have been wearing No. 4 Bois de Balincourt for years. I chose three scents to have at Maison and I love the smell of the oils and lotions wafting throughout the club.

5. Bkr
Bkr is a brand I have used, my kids use and I send as gifts. I find them very calming to look at, and to touch. Plastic is terrible for the planet, and drinking from a glass bottle is an easy choice that makes a big difference to the planet.

6. Intelligent Nutrients
I was introduced to the organic and natural brand Intelligent Nutrients from my fantastic colorist Douglas Cornwall (@discolourist). He swore by their skin and hair products. When he introduced me to Anthony, Intelligent Nurtrients’ New York brand rep, and he was so passionate about the brand I was compelled to try a few products. The brand was started by Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher so I knew it had to be good. And it is! I use the Renewing Oil Serum and the Moisture Creme. All of their products are safe for breastfeeding and pregnant mamas which is very important to our member demographic.

7. New York Stoneware
New York Stoneware! Another favorite! This brand is founded by Will Reardon, husband of one of my dear friends and Maison founding member, Lyn Devon. Will is so talented and I implore all of you to follow his Instagram to see the incredible handmade pottery he creates for yourself.

about ashley

Over the last eight years, Ashley Wu has worked in fashion, photo shoot production and then editorial with her blog, Exposed Zippers. In 2019 she founded Maison, a members-only club on the Upper East Side designed for women. She currently lives on the Upper East Side with her husband and two children.