We don’t know about you, but we are so painfully sick of everything in our closets, we have just about given up on trying to get dressed. So we sent an SOS to Nicole Giordano, owner of StartUp FASHION, a business resource for emerging and independent fashion brands, in the hopes that she could inject a little new new into our wardrobes. She came to the rescue with 7 days of fashion newness that’s helping us get out of bed in the morning.


As a digital business owner who works out of my home office most of the time, each day is completely different. I make my schedule to complement how I like to live my life and what I wear usually reflects what I’m about to set off and do that day. And because of my work with emerging fashion designers, I’ve made it a point to focus my wardrobe around the upcoming talent in the industry.  
— Nicole Giordano

Monday: The Blazer
I like Mondays. My Mondays go one of two ways: totally chill and focused on reading and email catch up. or full of meetings and calls with potential partners and collaborators. Pieces like this blazer from Alchemy Detroit is perfect for those meeting days because of the influence it has on my confidence and mindset.   

Tuesday: The Tote
Tuesday are my errands day. The bookstore, the grocery store, the post office — all that stuff that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do during the week when lines are short and nothing feels hectic. This structured canvas tote by Filbert is on the smaller side and perfect when you don’t want to be weighed down while running around.  

Wednesday: The Work Bag
Wednesdays I hit my stride with getting tasks checked off my list. I tend to work from my favorite coffee shops or co-working spaces, lugging my life along with me. This large, compartment-filled sturdy leather bag from Farrier Leather is perfect for that.  

Thursday: The After-Work Look
Thursday evenings tend to be my busiest in terms of work-related events. As an introvert, I don’t go to all of them, but when I do, I’m usually adding something to my look to break up all the black I tend to wear! Silk scarves by Chetna Singh are a great example of how I do that.

Friday: The Fun Top
Most Friday nights for me are spent in (there’s that introvert in me again), but Friday during the day I’m usually doing half work days and spending the rest out and about — lunch or coffee dates and hitting up boutiques are two of my favorite things to do. I’m usually sporting jeans and flats, but will add a fun touch like this colorful crop top from Tarbish. 

Saturday: The Night Out Bag
I’m not a partier, but I do love to go out to dinner. Usually to some small, cozy, local spot that hits a nice balance between casual and special. This velvet, dusty-rose purse by Modjewel is such a lovely accessory for nights like those. 

Sunday: The Comfort Robe
My favorite day of the week is Sunday. I try to make sure that I have nothing I “must” do on Sundays so that I spend it cozy, with a book and way too much coffee. I love this organic, naturally dyed robe from Miakoda for days like that. 

about nicole

Nicole Giordano is the founder of StartUp FASHION, a business resource and community for independent and emerging fashion brands. With over 15 years in the industry, her work is focused on helping the next generation of designers to get focused, make progress, and reach their entrepreneurial goals. 

A self-proclaimed introvert, she’s never without a book in her hand, is always within reach of the coffee pot, and has a not-so-secret desire to write a novel when she “retires.”

Though based in NYC, she’s traveled to 36 countries and counting, making it a personal goal to visit at least two new destinations every year. And can often be found at the cozy retreat she is currently renovating in the mountains of Pennsylvania.