We love to travel. We hate getting there. So we’re always on the hunt for those travel hacks that are going to change the way we do it. Today, we’re talking to Zahava Ryzman, bi-coastal jewelry designer and owner of Sarah Chloe about she survives endless nights spent on red eyes and deplanes looking like she’s just come from the spa.

As the founder and designer of bi-coastal jewelry line Sarah Chloe, I spend a lot of time traveling to and from my LA and NY showrooms. This year, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Sarah Chloe! To honor that, we are launching an entirely new collection with a completely new direction that I can’t wait to unveil. The company is growing, and the industry is evolving - which keeps me on my toes.When I am not immersed in ideating designs, juggling my business and family (I’m a mother of four girls!), you can more than likely catch me on red-eye flight to NYC from LA or vice versa! As someone who is always on the go, I wanted to share my favorite travel must-have’s for a red-eye flight. Enjoy!
— Zahava Ryzman

Ouai Haircare Three Ouai Kit
I generally only fly with a carry-on, which forces me to be smart and efficient with what I'm packing. That's why I love this haircare travel set from OUAI. It combines the three essentials I usaully need for my haircare (Dry Foam for when I need to refresh, the volume spray for when I want a bit of body, and the wave spray for when I want to do a more casual, natural look. This kit is my one-stop shop in travel size.

Slip Silk Pillowcase + Eye Mask
Airline pillows and eye masks tend to be a bit scratchy, so these are a no brainer. They just feel so luxe to the touch that it automatically makes for a calm, relaxed state.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum
Although I always try and hydrate on flights, my skin has a tendency to get very dry and worn out on red-eyes. I usually apply this serum before takeoff and then again mid-flight. It really refreshes and smoothes my skin.

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Joanna Czech Facial Massager
Along with the serum I try and use my facial massager. It really tightens and massages my face and helps get rid of facial puffiness from the flight. I usually go straight from my flight into meetings so I try and maintain my skin throughout the flight to insure I look rested and alert.

Rimowa Essential 53 Cabin Multiwheel Suitcase
Cherry red has always been a favorite color of mine. There's something about that hue that really brightens my mood and feels sharp and fresh. Something key after a long flight.

Apple AirPods
Listening to podcasts really helps me fall asleep. As soon as we're airborne, I turn on my playlist and start to doze.

Le Labo Lip Balm
In addition to dry skin, I also have a tendency to get cracked lips while flying and traveling. This lip balm is soothing and absorbs right into the lip so it feels soft and plumb, not waxy and greasy.

Sarah Chloe Amelia Stackable Initial Ring
While traveling I always make sure to wear my Sarah Chloe stackable diamond initial rings featuring my four daughters' initials. Looking at the rings always puts a smile on my face and keeps me motivated. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and work with all looks so they are the perfect piece to bring along with me while I'm traveling.

about zahava

With a career background in High Jewelry, designer Zahava was trained to recognize the importance and value of proper jewelry design and craftsmanship. It was with the birth of her first daughter, Sarah Chloe, that she was inspired to design a custom bangle to showcase her daughter’s name. After receiving numerous requests for it, she launched the Sarah Chloe Jewelry line, with personalized jewelry at the cornerstone of the collection.