Interior designer Genna Margolis is a New York native who up and moved to Southern California to open her design firm, Shapeside, where she designs beautiful, clean spaces. So basically, she is living my dream life. And as a serial mover, I'm always on the hunt for pieces that can work anywhere, anytime, so I figured why not get advice from one of my faves in the biz. Here, her 7 selects for pieces that will work for eternity (or whatever your definition of eternity might be).

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In today’s world, social media is the biggest source of how many people stay in the know with what’s in style for interiors.  But before these outlets, interior design wasn’t as big as it is now and the trends weren’t changing nearly as quickly. That’s why it’s so important to have key, classic pieces that you’ll be happy with regardless of what’s showing up on your Instagram feed. With that said, here are my Select 7 must-haves for any style décor that will last you a lifetime ...

1. Farm Table for the Dining Room 
Dining tables should be the staple in the dining room. Farm tables, whether made to look rustic or modern, can really work with any type of décor. You can replace the chairs and rugs underneath to give it almost any look. Next time you move, your farm table will definitely be coming along.





2. Unique Lounge Chair
I always love to have interesting lounge chairs alongside sofas (since they are usually so bulky). Pick one that is completely different from your entire room. In the future, you can move the chair into any space and it will still work, making it a timeless investment.

3. Coffee Table with a Stone Surface
Adding a natural element really brings a classic touch to any space. I love to use coffee tables with stone surfaces like marble, terrazzo and travertine as a focal point of a living room. This one from Croft House is truly special.





4. Eclectic Console Table
Whether it be vintage or new, having a console table that isn’t cookie-cutter helps to make your home feel unique. This eclectic console from The Future Perfect is a true conversation starter.

5. Misshaped Wooden End Tables 
Wooden end tables with interesting shapes bring a fun and eclectic vibe to a space. Since this piece is wood, you can sand and refinish the item to fit any new space.

6. Minimalist Bookshelves
Bookshelves should be simple.  With open back bookshelves, your items on the shelves really stand out. This way, your favorite rotating pieces will never be overshadowed.

7. Floor Plants
nstead of trying to fill every corner of your home, DON’T! Add some greenery instead. Bringing the outside in has been practiced by designers for decades and I so agree. A touch of plants is ultimately timeless.

more about Genna

Genna Margolis is the founder of Shapeside, a full-service interior design firm based in Los Angeles. Before creating Shapeside, Genna worked with some of New York and LA's most well-respected designers.  She enjoys finding new ways to merge the style of her New York roots with her love for Southern California beauty; resulting in a minimal and clean aesthetic with many classic elements.