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Want to spice things up at home? Same. So we turned to our friends at Décor Aid and asked them what’s hot for home in 2019. Their answers might feel bold, but hey, we’re all about taking risks this year. Read on to turn up the volume on your home decor.

1. Layering Patterns
We’ve long been told that if we are going to incorporate patterns into a design, we need to stick with one and we need to make sure the colors are coordinated with others in the room. But that’s not necessarily true — especially in 2019. Our designers have noticed an uptick in designs boasting multiple contrasting patterns, from color, to texture, to shapes. Many have mastered the use of layering and mixing patterns and have found unique ways to link them so that they work well together in the same space.

2. Mixed Metals
Is there anything more luxe than metallic touches? We think not. This year we’re breaking free from the rule that all metals are meant to be equal and we’re thrilled to be mixing golds with chrome, platinums and more. Scatter mixed metals around your space via handles and pulls, bar carts, trays and more and you’ll be left with a mix that falls somewhere in between classic and antique, bold and edgy.

3. Art Deco
While mid-century modern has taken over 2018 with it’s call back to minimalist design, art deco takes this vintage reference in the opposite direction with a decadent, luxurious style that’s perfect for 2019. Incorporate more detail-heavy pieces that are more ornate in nature. Even if they aren’t traditional art deco shapes, they’ll bring a classic style to a new generation. It’s an opulent, glamorous style for those with a taste for the finer things, and will leave you feeling like you’re living in luxury.

4. Graphic and Abstract Rugs
While patterned rugs have always been popular, they’re now taking a turn to the abstract. Our designers have noticed several innovative brands thinking outside the box with more organic, oblong shapes that are playful and free and give an air of youthfulness to your room. These rugs are often designed in a minimalistic fashion, which makes them an easy pairing for your existing decor. Instead of fading to the background as supplementary pieces, area rugs are becoming a statement themselves with these bold, graphic patterns that don’t mind a little imperfection. Add one to your space for that Brooklyn-chic level of unpolished cool.

5. Colorful Cookware
We can already tell that 2019 will be all about making the functional aesthetically pleasing, too. While cookware has mainly remained in shades of stainless steel or matte black, colorful variations have made their way onto the market in recent years and have been extremely popular, even influencing the design of the kitchen altogether. Keep these colorful additions on display instead of banishing them to the cupboard and allow them to assist in the design of the room with a functional pop of color. For a bit of fun, work with eye catching colors like red, lavender or mint.

6. Textured Wallpaper
Statement walls are on their way out and are steadily being replaced by statement wallpaper that adds another dimension with texture. Truly taking the statement wall up a few notches, many designers have chosen a bold print or pattern for their accent wall instead of a solid paint. While a statement wall is truly classic, it can at times be tricky to balance it with decor if you aren’t big on wall hangings. A textured wallpaper can take the burden off your shoulders, instead acting as a main focal point that doesn’t need any additions or distractions from its pattern and texture. Designer favorite: Look for gilded wallpapers that have a sheen to them for a more luxe feel.

7. A Focus on Hardware
Who would’ve thought knobs and pulls could be the star of a room? Well they can, and iIn 2019, we’re focusing on details like hardware. Take a look at the hardware on your cabinets, dressers and door handles and see if they could use an upgrade. Just because that gorgeous dresser you purchased came with unsightly knobs does not mean it needs to be brought down by them. Replace any unfavorable knobs with new ones, from the minimal and modern, to the colorful and statement making, there’s a knob or handle for every style. You can also try pairing a more traditional piece with sleek, contemporary flat pulls.


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