With dramatic changes in temperatures and the constant application of sunscreen, it’s inevitable that our skin adjusts (or freaks the ‘f out) during the summer months. We turned to Cayli Reck, owner of cult-fave skincare boutiques Knockout Beauty, for advice on what to change in our skincare regimes to quickly get gorgeous for summer. 

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1. Brighten Up
Up your antioxidants in the summer to help neutralize free radicals. Vitamins A and E are both essential micronutrients that your body needs but doesn’t create on its own. A is the normalizer of the skin and tells the skin how to behave in general. E softens the skin when you’re exposed to the elements. These are my favorite gels and serums that do the trick: Vintner’s Daughter Active Serum, Sjal Bio-Regeneratif Serum, Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Serum, Environ C-Quence + Defense Cream and Environ AVST Gel.

2. Lighten Up
Summer is an excellent time to take a break from retinol as it makes skin sensitive to the sun’s rays. You’ll still need to keep vitamin A in your skincare routine, but get it from other products to avoid the retinol skin sensitivity issue. Here are some great options: Agent Nateur Holi Oil, Vintner’s Daughter Active Serum, Sjal Saphir Face Oil and Environ AVST Gel.

3. Drink It Up         
You want to nourish and hydrate your skin - not smother it. Skin needs to breathe, and when you are wearing sunscreen all day, you may not need a moisturizer as well. Consider a lighter version with SPF so you can kill two birds with one stone. I love MZ Skin SPF 30 Day Cream, Supergoop Superscreen Daily Moisturizer and Sjal Light Renewal Crème.

4. Rough It Up
Use a dry brush and bath mitt to get your lymphatic system moving, exfoliate your skin and massage away cellulite. Supracor Honeycomb Bath Mitts were created by an aerospace engineer and are anti-bacterial, antifungal and mildew resistant. Skin gets dry from the sun so exfoliate daily to slough everything off and then apply a good oil or body cream to seal in the moisture. I love these two: Orlane Ultra Rich Comfort Cream and Environ A, C & E Oil. I also love the Evenswiss Booster No. 2 (Anti-Dry Skin Booster) from Evenswiss to help the look of dry heels from beach walking and flip flop-wearing 

 5. Tech it Up
I keep my Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools in the freezer and use them to cool my skin. Apply on a clean and toned face, and in just 5 minutes, they will drastically de-puff, calm, and soothe your face. You can also use them on the eye area as well for an all-over facial massage.

6. Block It Out
You should be wearing sunscreen every day, but in the summer you really need to re-apply every 80 minutes. I love using a setting mist that can be sprayed over makeup and Supergoop and Soleil Toujours make great ones.

7. Glow It Up
Vitamin C is your best friend when it comes to getting a glow. Right now I’m loving the new Kakadu Face Lotion which lights you up pretty seriously.