Last summer we were fortunate to feature the incredibly talented and very beautiful Ruth Zukerman, whose genetics defy the laws of physics. Since appearing as a Select Guest, she was asked to be the face (hair) of Pantene, because her hair is that good. So, it seemed an obvious choice to turn to her to find out what her 7 Summer Hair Tips are. My plan is to follow each of them and then wake up and look just like her. I'll keep you posted.

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1. If you have curly hair, apply coconut oil through your tresses right after shampooing. Let your hair air dry and you'll have beautiful waves without the frizz.  

2. To keep volume in your hair, only apply conditioner to your ends. It's really the only place you need it (right now I'm using Moroccan Oil conditioner which smells amazing).

3. For a modern ponytail look, pull all of your hair back and secure with a coated elastic that will protect the hair.  At the top of the pony, in front of the elastic, pull up a small section of hair to give a little lift to the hair on top.  It's a great look that's right off the runway.

4. While working out, wear a soft bandana around the hairline and pull hair into a high pony to keep from hanging on the neck and getting sweaty. After your workout, just blowout the hair around the hairline and you're good to go!

5. Don't forget a sun protectant when going to the beach or pool. I especially enjoy a spray called Phytoplage which protects again sun damage and dulling my color.

6. Always make sure to use a good heat protectant when using any hair styling apparatus from curling and straightening irons to blowdriers. Kerastase Ciment Thermique is a leave-in product that protects your hair and keeps it smooth and shiny.

7. My greatest weapon when it comes to having full, shiny, healthy hair is Viviscal, which is a dietary supplement that you take twice a day. I have been taking it for about two or three years and all I can tell you is that it really, really works.