August is here and before you blink, Summer 2018 will be but a memory. Tans will fade, Aperol Spritzes will be traded in for Dirty Martinis and you'll be counting down the seconds to the New Year. But as depressing as all of that sounds, there's still time to get some good summer fun in before the clock chimes on Labor Day. So we turned to the vibe-iest chick we know, the actual Director of Vibe, Melissa Rosenfield, to give us some tips to make the endless days of summer last. 

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1. Sleep outside or — at the very least — explore the great outdoors
If you're lucky enough to live where you can count more that 3 stars in the sky at night- wow! For the rest of us city folk summer is the best time to head outdoors even for a day trip. You can put your feet in the water and smell some nature, remember what deer look like in the wild. My current favorite quick escapes from NYC include Scribner's Lodge in the Catskills and I am so excited to visit Tourists Welcome in the Berkshires later this month. Terra Glamping is another great resource to get outside and GLAMP. 

2. Be a tourist for a day
When I lived in LA, it was easy to forget how many people would come visit my city for the first time, so I began to take the lists I gave them and follow my best advice. There is nothing more enjoyable than a ride up the PCH to Malibu for an afternoon at Little Beach House or The Getty

3. Meditate
Yes it's very buzzy, but it's also very helpful and the last lazy days of summer are the perfect time to pick up a 30-day challenge for yourself. I'm planning to deepen my practice with the help of my friends at MNDFL and the Calm app. I can now take their videos and audio on the road with me. NO EXCUSES

4. Figure out your Fall sweat routine and start it
Summer is the worst for routines and yet it's the time of year we're the most indulgent while holding ourselves to "summer body" standards. I prefer to make my summer body my fall body, and I try to start in August. A few of my current favorite ways to break a sweat include Y7The Brrrn and, if I'm on the road, I love having my Sweat with Bec Booty Bands with me.  

5. Be kind to your skin
Chances are you didn't wear a hat on every trip to the beach or forgot to reapply a few times. I try to make SPF a huge part of my life all year round, but I also know sometimes the sun gets the best of us. I love using Goldenfaden MD to help alleviate some of the damage, as well as an easy facial at Heyday or Glospa to erase the signs of a summer well spent. 

6. Start planning fall accessories
I always used to joke that going to the Outsidelands Music Festival in San Francisco was a great excuse to wear pre-fall, but coming back to NYC or LA it was still too hot to buy fall pieces. This year I'm too excited to wear this leather hat from my friend, Milner Gigi Burris, and since I predict it's gonna be a wet fall, I've also got my eyes on these super chic umbrellas from Certain Standard, at least this way I can look pulled together when the weather doesn't cooperate.  

7. Plan your next vacation or quick getaway
The end of summer always brings on the blues, so I always look to August as the perfect time to plan a long weekend away in October or November — it gives me something to look forward to. Some of my favorite places to look for inspiration include The Discoverer or right here on The Select 7. For fall I'm heading to Lake Atitlan Guatemala for some R&R and Newport, RI to visit all the beautiful and historic mansions. And I will of course be traveling with my favorite carry-on from Arlo Skye.  

about melissa

As a born and bred New Yorker (by way of Brooklyn to be exact), Melissa Rosenfield has always been a connector. Her affinity for the most cutting-edge, unique and thoughtful cultural experiences and things has led her to a life defined by well-seeded relationships with movers and shakers in a variety of lifestyle verticals, including but not limited to hospitality, fashion, art, music and food.
Being around trailblazers throughout her life, Melissa naturally decided to forge for herself a new and unknown path. As the world’s first “Director of Vibe,” she is a lifestyle innovator, luxury travel expert and social director all rolled into one. She connects brands with the right people, in the right places, at the right times and establishes partnerships that are authentic, and most importantly, alignments that drive business and yield a strong ROI. 
From planning programming to handling celebrities and VIPs, Melissa does it all, but most importantly she sets a unique tone and creates a sense of vibe. Through her work with major brands such as Stila, Tarina Tarantino, she also offers a deep sense of understanding earned media and PR acumen.
In 2010, Melissa made her role as Director of Vibe official and put the concept into the world by way of her work with Viceroy Hotel Group. In the role, she was responsible for programming, events and global PR strategies. The move was unprecedented; not only did people not believe her title (or responsibilities) were real, but they couldn’t quite seem to grasp that one influential individual could oversee and curate an entire feeling and sensory experience for guests of a luxury hospitality company. Now, brands such as W and Renaissance have developed similar roles that they agree are pivotal in enhancing their guest experiences and general reputation.
By 2015, Melissa transitioned into a consulting role and landed collaborations with GM, Samsung and 1Hotels putting her on a fast-track to conquering the lifestyle space in both New York, LA and beyond. In 2015, she returned to her hospitality roots and launched IFP Communications, a New York-based agency that focused on creative brand strategy, to launch a speaker series dubbed, “This Vibe Life” to showcase new, interesting and exciting brands. The series has evolved into a monthly founders panel, and has been part of a larger initiative with IFP that touches on work with Soho House and Marriott.
In her spare time, Melissa is incredibly active – both figuratively and literally. She is an engaged member of The Wing, feels No Kid Hungry is a major cause everyone should be paying attention to, and partakes often in workout sessions at Y7 and The BRRRN. And she believes in the power of doing things with swagger and a smile.