It's dark by 4pm and all we want to do these days is stay home and nest, so we asked Joyce Pickens of JDP Interiors, to show us how to do it right. What she suggests is a perfectly eclectic mix of vintage and modern pieces that are little Bohemian, a little Art Deco and a whole lot cozy. 

I recently visited the Henrietta Hotel in London and was super inspired by its modern take on French Art Deco classics. I foresee the design world making a shift from stark white to more earth toned colors, so with winter approaching, these 7 selects feel very appropriate to me — they're cozy and sophisticated and they illustrate a new direction in design that I'm really excited about.


1. Ainsworth Bed from Anthropologie
I love this bed because of its traditional lines but modern execution. It is upholstered in an army green velvet that is absolutely perfect for fall.  




2. Linen Embroidered "You Burn Me" Pillow
This pillow feels rich in texture, looks vintage, but breaks the mold with its rebel statement embroidery. 






3. NK Round Coffee Table
This table by Nickey Kehoe is everything! The finish is created using a traditional Japanese wood charring technique called Shou Sugi Ban which creates the most yummy, rich and chalky matte black on the planet. Very few designers are well versed in this type of finish, and it's very hard to do correctly but NK has really nailed it.





4. Phoenix Rug by Amber Interiors
You can't beat a perfectly worn vintage rug and the colors in this one are exactly what I look for: blacks and bieges as a base, army greens and navy blues as accent colors. A rug like this can pull an entire room together. The first thing to look at when buying a Turkish rug is to make sure it looks a bit worn, which creates a sophisticated collected look.






5. Moreno Sofa by Lawson Fenning
This sofa is comfortable but still so interesting! It's a perfect example of the Art Deco lines currently inspiring me but this grey-green linen ties in the earth-toned color palette that's so popular right now.





6. Bower LED Sconce from West Elm
Affordable and unique, this West elm light fixture is a modern take on Art Deco. It's simple yet funky and accents like this can turn a dull space into something glam instantly.








7. Black Framed "Gaswork" Vintage Industrial Landscape Painting Signed Flemming
I love adding an oil painting to a space — it brings an old world feel and sophistication to a room in a way nothing else can. I like to combine them with more modern light fixtures for a sophisticated juxtaposition.




more about joyce

Joyce Pickens is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and owner of JDP Interiors. After spending most of her childhood in Charleston, SC, a city rich in design and culture, Joyce's love for interior design was born. She eventually went on to work for Nathan Turner Inc. where the day-to-day experience of being submerged in the design world helped her to achieve a sophisticated design palette rich in texture. To this day, Joyce's biggest inspiration comes from nature. She favors simplistic, earth tone colors coupled with well-crafted furniture pieces creating a unique, bold but timeless space that will inspire your imagination. Her work can be seen in publications such as the LA Times, Elle Decor, Domino, My Domaine and many more. Joyce continually collects and curates to achieve the perfect blend between vintage and modern and consistently enjoys watching her visions come to life.