I don't know about you, but my skin hates winter. I'm kind of gray-ish and dull-ish and super dry and pasty. The air in my office is like the Sahara and the air outside is a cold slap in the face a million times over, and by the time my day is over I look more like a cadaver than a healthy human. So how do so many women get their glow on when the world feels like it's totally against you? I have no clue, so I turned to beauty-obsessed blogger Amy Serrano, and asked her WTF can be done to perk things up around here. Thankfully she was at the ready with 7 products that promise to cure the winter grays.

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1. Glossier Boy Brow
My face never leaves the house without a little bit of this brow pomade, even on no makeup days. Once your brows are pulled together everything else can be ehh. I love Boy Brow because it tames my brows while creating a little bit of texture. To achieve that really natural fresh-faced look, you don't want your brows to feel too structured, which this product is 100%. Think flexible not crunchy or stiff. (PS: Shop with me at Glossier for 20% off)

2. Colourpop Eyebrow Precision Brow Pencil
Keeping with the brow theme (like I said brows are v important), I love this pencil by Colourpop because it's so skinny. It’s perfect for creating super natural hair-like strokes if you need to fill your brows in. Although I have pretty bushy brows I have a few scars throughout, so I always fill them in and this one keeps them looking pretty natural. Bonus — it’s only 5 bucks.

3. MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation
I think people are always shocked to see MAC used in a “natural” makeup look because they're so known for their high coverage looks, but I love this waterweight foundation because it really creates the perfect “no makeup, makeup look.” Its similar to their Face and Body, but I like this one a teensy bit more and I love that it also has a pretty high SPF in it. It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but it gives just enough for an overall radiant, even complexion.

4. RMS Un-Cover Up
This concealer is one of my favorites. It’s very hydrating, which I love for under my eyes because I tend to be very dry there. It leaves this beautiful sheen while still covering up any redness or blemishes that I have. I will say that its not full coverage but it provides you with this pretty, glowy base fooling anyone into thinking that you have no makeup on because it's that indetectable.

5. Glossier Cloudpaint
I always say by adding a bit of blush you automatically look 10 years younger. I don’t know when or how blush got deemed “old fashioned,” but Glossier Cloudpaint has definitely changed that. I love this gel/creme hybrid mix because it provides the perfect amount of a natural looking flush. Its so hard to choose a favorite shade. I love Beam when I want more of a radiant summer feel and Haze when I want those post gym feels. Puff gives that innocent flush, i.e baby cherub and Dusk is my staple.

6. Nudestix Bondi Bae
If you like a no-fuss makeup application, you're going to love Nudestix. Bondi Bae is one of my hero products from their line — it’s the perfect bronzer/sculpter. I either apply this product directly to the hollows of my cheek bones and blend out with my finger or I’ll take a brush and stipple to the shaded areas of my face. I love to look bronzey and glowy year round and Bondi Bae definitely delivers.

7. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Honey Tinted
The ultimate "your lips but better" color and formula. I love this lip product for everyday natural looks because it provides a hint of that perfect nudey color that enhances my natural lip. It also provides tons of moisture which my perpetually dry lips always crave. I feel like it makes my lips look super healthy, adding to a very radiant and glowy look.

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Amy Serrano is a content creator from Los Angeles, California who likes to think of her aesthetic as unfussy elegance. Its confident. Its playful. Its cheeky but also empowering. She doesn’t take herself too seriously in the realm of makeup and fashion because she truly feels it should be fun and, above all, make you feel good. She makes Youtube videos on effortless makeup looks and embracing your natural beauty. She's also a huge fashion-head so you’ll find a lot of How-To’s on fashion and owning your personal style. She has a blog, Pepperpout which is tribute to her last name, Serrano (yes, like the pepper), where she also shares her love for fashion and beauty. You can follow her @amyserrano.